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Big Fish Man

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World-record-holding fisherman Jakub Vágner searches for the world's biggest freshwater fish.

Latest episodes

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Jakub Vagner's on a fishing quest to three of Europe's largest rivers, in the hope of catching a giant wels catfish and reclaiming a world record.
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Jakub Vagner goes to Thailand on the hunt for a giant freshwater stingray.
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Jakub's heading up toward the Canadian sub-Arctic on a mission to prove it's possible to catch a northern pike, even when their natural habitat is completely frozen over.
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Jakub Vagner searches for the mighty goliath tigerfish, and he heads up one of the world's most powerful and dangerous rivers to catch this giant predator with 32 shark-like teeth.
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Jakub Vagner is traveling into the vast Mongolian wilderness on the hunt for a magnificent fighting fish that few people ever see, let alone land - the giant taimen.
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Jakub wants to catch the Amazon's largest freshwater fish; he hunts for deep pools and oxbow lakes.

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