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At Home With Amy Sedaris

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Actress/comic Amy Sedaris opens her "home" to viewers in this comedy series. Rolling out the welcome mat means Amy must use her varied -- but necessary -- homemaking skills, from creating popsicle stick buddies and gutting a fish to crocheting miniature sweaters and entertaining businessmen. Each episode revolves around traditional themes like grieving, poverty, lovemaking, and wood, and Sedaris is front and center as she showcases her imaginative characters and unique viewpoint. Playing themselves, guest stars include Rachel Dratch, Chris Elliott, Jane Krakowski, Stephen Colbert and Heather Lawless.

Latest episodes

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From building a champagne tower with a world-renowned champagne glass engineer to discussing clocks with the local clocks man, Amy demonstrates how to prepare for the big countdown.
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Amy explores inspiration with a children's author, a theater director and a woman who lives in the woods; Amy reveals the person who inspired her to become the hostess she is today.
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Amy hosts a party to watch the big game; while not a sporting fan, Amy plays along if it means attracting a younger TV-watching demographic; Amy and a special guest prepare the perfect game-day dip.
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Amy prepares for a a first date to show how it is done; she meets in person the man she's been corresponding with through a letter-writing romance.
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Amy prepares to set sail on an ad-sponsored cruise to the Fedderland Islands; before she shoves off, some experts give important travel tips; guest appearances from Jason Sudeikis and Peter Serafinowicz.
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Amy gives a glimpse into all her Easter traditions, her biannual egg hunt and her delicious Easter brunch.
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Amy hosts a Labor Day all-staff and optionally mandatory BBQ in Patty Hogg's back yard; the celebration kicks off when the "At Home" charter bus arrives carrying the Sedaris crew, but the festivities take a turn when a mysterious drifter staggers in.
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Amy hosts her first Valentine's Day mixer; after resigning herself to a special relationship with the middle-aged lady in the mirror, Amy thinks she has finally found true love; the mismatched pair navigates speed bumps, hurdles and angry friends.
VOD available
Amy explains the fundamentals about babies and the questions that always pop up with a new bundle of joy; guest appearances include Justin Theroux, Laura Benanti, Jane Krakowski, John Early, and Josh Hamilton.
aired 158 days ago
Amy Sedaris applies her sincere, yet distinctive, brand of silliness to a mash-up of hospitality, variety and talk show formats, showcasing her diverse, but necessary, homemaking skills.
aired 158 days ago
In her closet, Amy discovers the ghost of a dead sea captain who has a keen eye for home décor; as the two bond over curtains, they wind up falling in love.
aired 470 days ago
Amy invites some friends over, including a special guest, for an evening of adult play and finger foods; when a freak storm slams into the Research Triangle area, Amy's game night turns into a life-and-death struggle.
aired 477 days ago
Amy has a special sponsor, Confederated Sugar Industries, which sends over its Confederated Sugar mascot, Sugar Griz; the two happily demonstrate how to make sweet things until Sugar Griz becomes not so sweet.
aired 484 days ago
Amy hosts a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, during which unhappy turkeys seek revenge for their roasted brethren; trapped, Amy and her friends must discover the true meaning of Thanksgiving.
aired 498 days ago
Amy finds out her set has a gory past and might be haunted after talking to the Research Triangle's town historian about Halloween lore; unnerved, Amy moves forward with her show, only to encounter a strange and horrific sequence of events.
aired 505 days ago
Amy celebrates the show's 15th episode anniversary with big celebrity guests, local singers, balloons, and a look back at some of the show's most memorable moments that nobody remembers.
aired 511 days ago
Amy has the book club over for paella when, during a rainstorm, a stranger arrives on her doorstep and a corpse appears.
aired 522 days ago
Amy invites the winner of the Biggest Fan Essay Contest to co-host; as she shares her kitchen and craft room with contest winner Mary, it becomes clear that Mary has her eyes on something much more than co-hosting.
aired 528 days ago
After Amy finds it impossible to create a hat from craft-room odds and ends, she is formally diagnosed with crafter's block; she battles back from the brink of madness to find the courage to return to her felt scraps and fabric glue.
aired 535 days ago
Amy attempts to understand teenagers' complex and unpredictable minds as they grapple with their irrational fears and emotional fragility; Amy learns a little something as she discovers unusual ways to connect with them.
aired 542 days ago
Offering viewers advice and sharing tales of romance; Amy goes through the craft of love-making step by step.

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