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American Nightmare

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Examining occasions where real-life home movies and photos meet true crime scenes.

Latest episodes

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In Iowa, Shirley Wilson's son finds her stabbed to death in her home; with no evidence of forced entry, detectives believe this grandmother of 12 knew her assailant, leaving the family wondering who has betrayed them in cold blood.
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After an up-and-coming actress is savagely murdered in her home, police believe an angry, revenge-hungry killer is responsible.
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During a storm in Key Largo, Fla., an intruder slips silently into the home of newlyweds Michael and Missy MacIvor; as the day dawns, a nightmare is revealed that will haunt the entire community for years to come.
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With graduation nearing at Northeastern University, students are alarmed at the discovery of a fellow student shot to death in her apartment; detectives face many challenges before realizing the answer is right in front of them.
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A New Year chill is in the air when a woman and her daughter are savagely murdered in their Woburn, Mass., home; detectives take a shot in the dark while solving this mystery.
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After young mother Danielle Jennings is found strangled to death in her apartment, detectives immediately believe she knew her attacker, then, a witness comes forward with a ringer of a clue that leads them to an unthinkable monster.

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