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American Greed: Deadly Rich

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From the same producers that brought "American Greed" to the screen, "Deadly Rich" is a true-crime series that drops viewers into the lives of the one percent. It features high-profile cases and exposes the dirty little secrets of how too much money drives people toward the ultimate sin and how even murder is done differently. Each story is told in first-person narratives through the eyes of family, friends and law enforcement.

Latest episodes

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A serial imposter pretends to be a heir to the Rockefeller fortune; when bones are dug up behind a house in an affluent California community, police want to know the true identity of Clark Rockefeller.
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When a wealthy Texas retiree is found dead in a ravine in Mexico, all eyes turn to his young boyfriend, a porn actor; while investigators uncover the truth behind their relationship, border crossing records provide the key to solving the case.
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A surgeon with a seemingly perfect home life, Dr. Toni Henthorn dies while hiking with her husband during a romantic weekend getaway; investigators ask whether Henthorn was the victim of an accident or the target of a black-hearted master plan.
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Horror strikes the wealthy enclave of Aspen, Colo. when heiress Nancy Pfister is found brutally murdered in her mountain home; as police work to untangle a twisted web of suspects, a shocking confession puts a sudden end to the investigation.
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The body of a Chicago woman is found stuffed in a suitcase at a luxury resort in Bali; her murder is a tragedy years in the making.
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When a Manhattan heiress vanishes from her mansion, friends, staff and investigators are mystified; the investigation leads to a mysterious tenant who moved into the mansion weeks earlier and a transcontinental story of deceit, arson and murder.
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Living a golden life, entrepreneurs James and Pamela Fayed turn a fledgling coin company into a gold trading empire; after Pamela is brutally stabbed to death, her murder case reveals a federal fraud investigation and a marriage filled with lies.
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Wealthy suburbanite Jane Bashara is found strangled to death in a seedy part of Detroit known for drugs, crime and murder; a handyman is charged, but that's only the beginning of the story which is ultimately about sex, lies and betrayal.
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Fontainebleau Miami Beach hotel heir Ben Novack Jr. is bludgeoned to death three months after his mother, Bernice, is found dead under suspicious circumstances; Novack's wife, Narcy, a former stripper, becomes the key to unlocking this sordid case.
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Wealthy retired executive Ken Abbott and his wife, Celeste, are said to have died in a fiery car crash in New Jersey, but when the family can't get answers to simple questions about their deaths, police discover a gruesome crime motivated by greed.

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