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Paul Teutul and his son Paul Jr. create some of the world's most original custom motorcycles -- Paul Sr. operates Orange County Choppers, and Junior leads his staff at Paul Jr. Designs. Both shops are located a stone's throw from each other in Orange County, N.Y., but sometimes it seems as if father and son are worlds apart. They were business partners at OCC until a family feud that included a lawsuit led to their separation, both personally and professionally. This reality series follows the hot-headed Teutuls as they strive to remain on speaking terms while their shops compete to outdo each other in the designing and building of custom bikes.

Latest episodes

aired 112 days ago
Junior designs a bike inspired by a futuristic big rig, but the massive amount of fab crushes his schedule; the OCC team builds a vintage military-style bike with sidecar to benefit a foundation for wounded veterans.
aired 119 days ago
Senior and Junior begin restoring a 1951 Buick, but they don't always go by the book; Senior risks everything by moving designs away from their famous choppers; Junior challenges himself to build a streamlined bike for the MLB Network.
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Junior designs a monster trike and takes a huge financial gamble; Senior and Junior ponder the idea of building a bike together; Josh builds a bike for the local SPCA, headed by Joanie and Senior.
aired 147 days ago
Senior and his team struggle to deliver a vintage-style bike on time; Junior deals with the complicated assembly of the Martin Guitar reverse trike; Senior surprises Junior with the first theme bike they ever built.
aired 154 days ago
Senior takes on a build for a Vietnam memorial, determined to create a bike worthy of history; Junior is hired by Martin Guitar to design a massive reverse trike, an undertaking that pushes his team to their limits.
VOD available
Junior designs a monster trike and takes a huge financial gamble; Senior and his team struggle to build two bikes in three weeks for a Florida resort; Senior and Junior ponder the idea of building a bike together.
aired 205 days ago
OCC builds an aggressive paintball bike, but Senior and Josh have creative differences; Junior designs a farm-inspired bike with a surprise element; Senior and Junior attempt to get the Buick running and celebrate Junior's birthday.
aired 205 days ago
Senior goes back to his roots, designing a throwback brand of affordable motorcycles, to sell out of the OCC Showroom: Junior challenges himself to build a bike using multiple aluminum parts.
aired 212 days ago
The crew scrambles to get bikes built for a showcase after being singled out for a prestigious award.
aired 212 days ago
Jr. and Sr. have a face-to-face confrontation over missing tools; the girls of BSN stop by to help.
aired 219 days ago
The OCC guys create their first diesel-powered chopper for Monster Diesel; Paul Jr. attends the grand opening of a dog park that he designed for his hometown of Newburgh, N.Y.
aired 219 days ago
The guys at OCC try to build the first bike powered by natural gas; Paul Jr. is trying to get his new company off the ground; Mikey questions his role at Orange County Choppers and his relationship with his father.
VOD available
Junior attempts his first ever dually trike; Senior and his team struggle to build two bikes in three weeks; the Teutuls cruise the Buick through Senior's old stomping grounds.

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