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Comics April Richardson and Chris Fairbanks host this half-hour series that applauds (wink, wink) how hard some people, places and things try to succeed despite ultimately failing. Actors, comedians and improvisation artists are digitally inserted into viral videos to comment on and congratulate people for being brave and ingenious in coming oh so close to victory. But, claims truTV, " `Almost Genius' doesn't mock, because as everyone knows, almost is awesome... and genius."

Latest episodes

VOD available
Snack-stealing monkeys; fighting grandmas; a guy solving Rubik's cubes in a Speedo.
VOD available
From the residents of a town called Dildo, to a base-jumping monkey, we celebrate those with gold aspirations, but bronze abilities.
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Comedians and performers are digitally inserted into viral videos to comment on and congratulate people for their bravery and ingenuity in snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.
aired 178 days ago
Chris and April know cream rises to the top, but they're interested in the layer just below; tonight, they're digging deep to find the best no-getters out there.
aired 178 days ago
From an unbalanced pageant girl, to a banana-wielding Italian, to a literal pop-eye; those who continually fall short of their moment to shine.
aired 178 days ago
From a baby who laughs like a troll, to a cake that screams for mercy, Chris Fairbanks and April Richardson celebrate the ones who've peaked at number two.
aired 185 days ago
From metal dudes with office jobs, to a gang of nude cyclists, proves those who aim high may come up a bit short.
aired 185 days ago
Looking for people who give it their all despite not being all there; celebrating those who never give up, even though they probably should.
aired 185 days ago
From sprinting Sumos, to super fan freak-outs, and more balls to the face than you can count; Chris and April celebrate those athletes who go for the gold but settle for silver.
VOD available
From homemade haircuts, to guys rebooting their computer with a baseball bat; the still-frozen-on-the-inside microwave burritos of humanity.
VOD available
Chris and April celebrate those who shoot for the moon and hit a tree on the way down; failure to launch has never been so fun.
aired 199 days ago
A father-son beat boxing combo; a cat with a tissue issue; a dancer who's gone with the wind.
aired 199 days ago
From a dad with a DIY roller coaster, to the world's smallest gymnast; highlighting those brave souls who think on their feet but don't always land on them.
VOD available
From a piano-playing horse to a cliff jumper who thinks he's Mary Poppins; those who give it their all and still come up short.
aired 241 days ago
A bikini-clad nunchuck artist; the ultimate video remix battle.
aired 255 days ago
Raising a glass to those who try hard but don't quite hit the mark; a pop' n' lockin' marine, a bear who thinks he's a person and an Irishman goes back to the future.
aired 283 days ago
A group of friends gets sexy on the slip'n slide; a dolphin attempts seduction; a funeral home holds a dance party.
aired 290 days ago
Chris Fairbanks and April Richardson hand out participation trophies; competitors include past their prime partygoers and a high speed wardrobe malfunction.
aired 651 days ago
The man with the biggest mouth in the world; a monk who stayed out a little too late; a Human Tower; an awesome 80's hair salon.
aired 651 days ago
A band of marauding monkeys wreak havoc on a freshly baked batch of bread; learn how to properly kiss your mate from a couple of pros; witness the awesome chi of the office karate master.
aired 658 days ago
Saluting the everyday heroes; from a mystical owl whisperer, to a camp that prepares you for the Zombie Apocalypse, to a skateboarding taco.

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