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Current affairs investigations by the BBC.

Latest episodes

aired 21 days ago
Coronavirus has been an opportunity for some people to make money selling fake cures for the deadly coronavirus. Africa Eye and Anas Aremayaw Anas go undercover.
aired 28 days ago
Mathare, one of the biggest slums in Nairobi, is facing an outbreak of the deadly coronavirus, but heavy-handed policing has already led to tragedy.
aired 117 days ago
Dreams of ordinary Africans are demolished as a construction giant collapses. However, a leaked computer drive containing thousands of emails, messages and documents rings alarm bells about how the firm was run.
aired 138 days ago
BBC Africa Eye follows Shaki, who has turned to wrestling to escape the violent streets on which she grew up. Shaki is an inspiration for dozens of street children, and her home has become a refuge for girls.
aired 208 days ago
Africa Eye has uncovered an illegal network that lures women to India from Africa, where they are forced into prostitution to satisfy African men living in New Delhi.
aired 215 days ago
Jamal Osman, a Somali journalist, has watched his country being torn apart by civil war for three decades.
aired 250 days ago
BBC Africa Eye investigates sexual harassment on campus. Our journalists have been undercover in two of Africa's most prestigious universities.
aired 351 days ago
In Uganda, young women are leaving their homes to try and find jobs as domestic workers, but for some their new lives can lead to mistreatment and abuse.
aired 358 days ago
Current affairs investigations by the BBC.
aired 376 days ago
Nigeria is in the grip of a kidnapping epidemic. Thousands of Nigerians have fallen victim, and millions of dollars in ransoms have been paid. But the Intelligence Response Team are taking the fight to the kidnappers to help solve the crisis.
aired 407 days ago
Senegal has been rocked by a scandal involving a notorious businessman and one of the world's biggest energy companies.
aired 439 days ago
Night runners have been terrorising rural communities across Kenya for generations. Investigating one of Kenya's most enduring mysteries.
aired 516 days ago
BBC Africa Eye examines dramatic footage filmed by protesters during the recent uprising in Khartoum in Sudan, showing masked security agents chasing and detaining protesters.
aired 689 days ago
On a riverbank in Malawi, police find a headless corpse. It is one of dozens of murders linked to ritual magic. Undercover journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas investigates.
airs in 1 day
In Somalia, the official death toll for COVID-19 is very low, but why do Mogadishu's graveyards tell a different story? Africa Eye investigates.

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