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Accident, Suicide or Murder

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"Accident, Murder, or Suicide" investigates the deaths that are just a little bit too mysterious. It explores the unbelievable true stories in this hourlong program. Each episode retraces the investigation from the start to the end. Investigators take viewers through the twists, turns, and unexpected surprises as they dissect the red flags, show evidence, and point out the strange behavior that puts everything into question.

Latest episodes

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Identical twin sisters are involved in a horrific crash on the island of Maui; one sister miraculously survives after their car plunges over the side of a cliff; questioning if this was a tragic accident or something more ominous.
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When a Texas police detective finds his wife dead from a gunshot wound, his fellow detectives work to uncover if her death was an accident, a suicide, or something more sinister.
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First responders are called to the fatal shooting of a 28-year-old woman; while her estranged husband claims their bizarre sex game ended in suicide, investigators and the victim's family believe the case to be a cold-blooded murder.
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A beautiful young woman is found in her locked apartment with 20 stab wounds; the medical examiner classifies her death as murder but later changes the ruling to suicide, a decision that forces her family into the fight of their lives.
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A frantic woman calls 911 saying her boyfriend shot himself, but the story keeps changing; it takes a risky gambit to unravel the truth.
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A young pastor grieves after his wife dies in a house fire, but when shocking secrets are revealed, a community is shattered; a look at whether or not a prophecy could have predicted her death.
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A terrifying crash off a mountain road leaves one woman dead and her husband injured; the fatal accident raises suspicions as a family fights to expose the real story.
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A young father is found with a fatal gunshot wound; the authorities say it's suicide, but his family knows he would never take his own life; a mother and daughter fight for 40 years to reveal the truth with the help of a dedicated police chief.
aired 23 days ago
When a former cop discovers his wife shot to death, authorities believe it's suicide; but her family fights back, turning the Texas justice system upside down.
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The beloved wife of a respected pastor dies in a tragic car accident; the community mourns until a congregant commits suicide, triggering an investigation that brings deadly secrets to light.
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A grieving husband claims his wife accidentally fell to her death but investigators become suspicious after learning his first wife also died in a freak accident.
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Paul Holes re-examines the suspicious death of Morgan Ingram; her parents claim she was stalked and eventually murdered, but law enforcement closed her case as a suicide by overdose; experts ask what really happened to this beloved 20-year-old.
airs in 7 days
A young woman is found with a fatal head wound and her hand on a shotgun; her fiancé claims she killed herself, but grieving family members insist the suicide scene was staged; the case goes cold until a new prosecutor takes a second look.
airs today
A man discovers the body of his fiancee with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound; her death is ruled a suicide, but authorities are puzzled when they can't find the fatal bullet; then, the discovery of the bullet turns the case upside down.

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Raw, unbridled and chilling depictions of human desires surface in "In Ice Cold Blood." True crime is depicted at another level as Ice-T takes viewers straight into the stories. Money, sex, lust, and greed run rampant with very real consequences. Family members, friends and detectives recount each case -- a missing military veteran, a student murdered in a crime of passion, and secret payouts are only some of the cases. These stories are told through re-enactments, in-depth interviews and archived footage.
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Uncovering the dark and twisted motives that led to gruesome killings in the pursuit of a deeper understanding of the relationships behind the horrific killings and of the psychology of the people who committed them.
The first three days after somebody is abducted are extremely important. Statistically, the chances of finding the abductee alive diminish significantly after the first 72 hours. "Three Days to Live" chronicles kidnapping cases, using re-creations and first-hand testimony from authorities and loved ones to illustrate what went on -- from the crucial periods early on in the cases, which all feature females who were taken, through the twists and turns the kidnappings took before reaching their conclusions. Journalist SuChin Pak narrates the hourlong series.
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No one would suspect that the perfectly manicured lawns with trimmed hedges and fences lined up like toy soldiers would harbor such a secret, but sometimes things are not always what they seem. "Buried in the Backyard" examines true-crime stories about unfortunate victims found buried in the most unlikely of places -- the backyard. When the remains are unearthed, its the very beginning of an investigation, police piece together the person's identity and determine the cause of death before seeking the person responsible. Thrilling and captivating re-creations paired with firsthand knowledge from those closest to the victims can be seen as investigators track down the "why" and "how" and give viewers a shocking tale.
This series delves into the psychological showdown that takes place inside actual police interrogation rooms and dissects what happens to yield a confession. Each hourlong episode takes viewers through the twists and turns of a real homicide case, from the crime scene to the suspects' questioning to the ultimate confession. The police officers and detectives assigned to each case reveal their methodology while interviews with the suspects' and victims' friends and family shed light on the crime. In every case, the interrogating officer will "break" the suspect and get a shocking reveal of what really happened.
Marriage is supposed to be a happy time in a couple's life. With engagements, weddings, and picturesque honeymoons -- hope and happiness were in abundance until a tragic and very mysterious death occurs to cut short these joyous celebrations. Viewers learn when the red flags first began -- was it because of depression or manipulation and did it overshadow a wonderful time? Is it because of prophetic dreams and the killer was fulfilling a divine mandate, or is there something lurking beneath the surface that no one knew about.