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An invitation into the tumultuous life of Ebaner Temple, a biracial, bi-sexual, single, bridal fashion designer, as she maneuvers life in the African city of Accra, Ghana, where race and colorism have significant colonial roots.

Latest episodes

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Ebaner prepares for the fashion show; Jasmine takes up the rape case for Nelly; Patricia has a surprise for her daughters.
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Jacques and Cynthia deepen their affair; the robes are ready and Dan and Nayelle plan their shipping; Ebaner spends time with Ransome as things begin to take a very dark turn.
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Jacques begins an affair with Cynthia; Ebaner and Dan spend more time together and Nayelle grows jealous; Eve, Ebaner's new bride weighs the consequences of her pending wedding.
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Bertha decides to leave Ghana; Patricia is admitted to the hospital; Ebaner meets Dan and books a new bride, the expensive Charlotte; an old friend shows up with a complicated love life; Nelly gets a new client.
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Bertha is arrested after a terrible accident; Jacques gives in to Dan's threats; Nelly restores Ebaner's contract for the king's wedding.
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Ebaner's best friend, Bertha, gets ready for her wedding; Jacques meets a friend from his past who offers him a dangerous job that involves Ebaner; a new client, Jasmine, seeks Ebaner's help with a dark secret.