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YouTube TV has no hidden fees, unlike traditional services.

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Getting started with YouTube TV

Why should I cut the cord?

The average American cable TV bill is $107 per month*. YouTube TV is less than half that price–saving you $50 per month. There’s no complex multi-year contracts, price packages, or bundles for extra services you don’t want. YouTube TV also has no hidden fees. So you’re only paying for the live TV you love: not equipment rental fees, HD or DVR fees, or other mysterious surcharges.

Will I be able to watch what I want?

YouTube TV has the live TV content you want from 70+ top channels. You and the family get your favorite live sports, news, shows, movies, and on-demand entertainment. If your schedule doesn’t work out, there’s also free unlimited DVR storage space, so you don’t have to miss a moment. YouTube TV is also available nationwide in the US with regional and local feeds–so watch what matters most, at no additional cost.

Will it be easy to switch to YouTube TV?

Yes. In fact, millions have already made the switch. Unlike your cable TV experience before, you can try YouTube TV for free when you sign up online and start watching in minutes. If you have questions along the way, there’s always friendly and helpful YouTube TV customer support. At last, there’s no need for an impossible-to-schedule 4 hour installation appointment window or anyone to come to your house.

What do I need to get started with YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is streamed over the internet, so at a minimum you’ll want a 3+ Mbps connection, but we’d recommend a 7+ Mbps for HD quality. Download the YouTube TV app in your device’s app store by searching “YouTube TV”. Or visit to watch directly on the web from your personal computer.

Can I watch YouTube TV on a variety of devices?

You bet. YouTube TV is built to be watched at home and on the go. Watch on any internet connected device that offers the YouTube TV app, including smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, streaming media players and game consoles. Search for “YouTube TV” in your devices app store. You can also visit to watch directly on the web from your personal computer. See supported devices

Will YouTube TV be easy to use?

YouTube TV is simple and intuitive, so it is easy to set up and reliable to use. With a tap or word you can do things like: customize your live guide, DVR all episodes of your favorite show, or search for your favorite sports team. No more waiting 4 hours for a cable guy coming to your house to install a set-top box (that you pay to rent).

What if I want to cancel?

Not a problem. You can cancel your membership at anytime. There are no fees or penalties for canceling. If you’d like to take a break without losing recordings that you’ve saved, you can also simply pause your membership for up to six months. We’d hate to see you go, but we’ll save your settings in case you want to restart your membership later.

Get started with YouTube TV in minutes

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    Say goodbye to the clunky set-top box and hidden fees.

*Up to $600 savings calculated by annualizing mean reported monthly spending on pay-TV of $107 and subtracting the annualized $49.99 monthly base package cost of YouTube TV. Based on study by The Leichtman Research Group, published October 31, 2018.