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Zou is just like any normal kid -- if you ignore the fact that Zou is a young zebra. Although he is well-supported by his close-knit family, Zou is anxious to gain more independence and broaden his horizons. Each episode finds Zou, who is constantly fascinated by the world around him, going on a journey of discovery and exploration. Among the adventures Zou embarks on are baking a cake for Mother's Day, camping in the backyard, putting on a fashion show with friend Elzee, and making his own newspaper.

Latest episodes

aired 1,128 days ago
Zou and Elzee play as knights.
aired 1,135 days ago
Nanna shows Zou how to make pom-pom animals to sell at the school fair; when Zou calls them monsters, they sell really well.
aired 1,136 days ago
Zeeboy, Zak's cuddly toy, has gone missing.
aired 1,142 days ago
When Zinnia comes round for the day, Zou isn't too keen at first.
aired 1,143 days ago
Zou learns about road safety.
aired 1,149 days ago
Dad goes away on business for a week.
aired 1,150 days ago
Zou finds his substitute teacher's lessons aren't quite the same as his usual teacher's.
aired 1,156 days ago
Zak must mold for a project.
aired 1,157 days ago
Zou, Elzee and Grandpa play a game of hide and seek.
aired 1,163 days ago
Grandpa teaches the color game.
aired 1,164 days ago
Zou has to make a nature presentation at school.
aired 1,170 days ago
Zou must do a project on animals who carry their homes on their back; all the ones he can think of have already been picked, but then he is struck by inspiration at the beach.
aired 1,171 days ago
Zou is trying to keep his clothes clean for a family photo, so Grandpa comes up with a game that is both clean and magical.
aired 1,177 days ago
After Zou finds his father's old model sail boat in the shed, he and Grandpa get it ready to race against Zinnia's remote-controlled boat.
aired 1,178 days ago
Grandad has some tomatoes for a picnic and asks Zou and friends to deliver them on their train.
aired 1,191 days ago
On a snowy day Zou attempts to build an igloo; when his engineering skills are challenged, Grandpa helps him learn the value of perseverance.
aired 1,192 days ago
Zou and his grandfather spend the day tracking mysterious footprints in the snow.
aired 1,198 days ago
Zou enters into a sand castle competition; his parents try to help him out but get too competitive, with disastrous results.
aired 1,206 days ago
Zou keeps watching the clock while waiting for Elzee to come over; he learns he has to be patient when he has to wait for an hour.
aired 1,210 days ago
On a snow day, Zou's grandfather makes a sledge for Zou and Elzie to use; Zinnia uses a fancy new sleigh.
aired 1,210 days ago
Zou, his friends and family are playing soccer in the park, which leads to a small adventure with a missing snow globe.

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