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Author Matthew Latkiewicz and comic Abbi Crutchfield look to improve viewers' lives with this series. Through comedy sketches and man-on-the-street and expert interviews, the hosts provide tips on topics that include drinking, technology, money and friends. It's not all about imparting wisdom -- often on subjects not taught in school -- for Latkiewicz and Crutchfield, who also offer viewers laughs while being informed.

Latest episodes

VOD available
The history of tattoos; demonstrating how to minimize pain; a full briefing on laser tattoo removal.
VOD available
Matthew and Abbi get acquainted with the boldest and best creatures in the universe: pets; meet a man who calls himself a human pup.
VOD available
Matthew and Abbi reveal an updated map of where marijuana is legal, give the lowdown on weed edibles and show where to store a stash.
aired 952 days ago
The essential stuff needed to be a functional adult, from drinking at an office party to surviving toxic friends and mastering a wedding speech.
aired 959 days ago
Matthew and Abbi roll out the red carpet for the first Bettys award ceremony.
aired 966 days ago
Matthew and Abbi reveal the five stages of drunkenness and explore the legal cannabis business.
VOD available
Matthew and Abbi explore everything from building a winning day to designing a perfect sex life; Matthew and Abbi go head to head in a challenge to build the best personal brand.
VOD available
Matthew and Abbi explore all aspects of risk, from distinguishing between different kinds of risk-takers to exploring how the brain impacts risky behavior.
aired 973 days ago
Matthew and Abbi provide a complete survival guide for all things sex and love.
VOD available
Matthew and Abbi share how to crush it with co-workers, find a path to productivity and even how to drink on the job.
VOD available
The coolest underground hang spots; what a lack of sleep does to the body and mind; discovering late-night employment opportunities.
VOD available
Matthew and Abbi discuss laughter yoga, cuddle therapy and scream therapy.
VOD available
From confidence builders to the hidden dangers of selfies to the future of plastic surgery, Matthew and Abbi explore how to do vanity better.
VOD available
Matthew and Abbi tackle sexism in the workplace, explore gender roles in the media and reveal the best ways to be respectful of LGBTQ identity.
VOD available
Matthew and Abbi teach how to learn a partner's love languages; the symptoms of full-blown amore; a foolproof guide to having a threesome.
VOD available
Matthew and Abbi discuss proposing, giving a wedding toast and understanding the Wedding Guests' Bill of Rights.
VOD available
Matt and Abbi look at how to do better at sports; reviewing the types of fans; tips for tailgating; how to pick a "Fantasy" team.
VOD available
Matt and Abbi review the electoral process, explaining political labels and how to throw a successful election-night party; predicting who has the best shot at being POTUS in 2020.
VOD available
Matt and Abbi talk about getting healthy, from keeping one's brain nimble with mental exercises to reversing the aging process and confronting stress.
VOD available
Matt and Abbi help sort out our friend portfolios, show us how to handle toxic friends, and reveal four lessons kids can teach us about friendship.
VOD available
Matt and Abbi share their cannabis knowledge; Matt gets high for science and then tests the best methods for sobering up.

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