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Xtreme Off Road

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Alongside popular shows like "Detroit Muscle," "Engine Power," and "Truck Tech," the how-to television brand "PowerNation" offers "Xtreme Off Road" in its series of syndicated automotive programs. With hosts Jeremy Weckman and Eliza Leon leading builds, "XOR" specializes in showing viewers how to fabricate and weld custom crawlers, buggies, diesels, and 4x4s before testing them out on off-road courses.

Latest episodes

aired 230 days ago
A Driveway Rescue helps build a memorial for a fallen soldier.
aired 230 days ago
The Jeep JL is getting ready for its upcoming off-road adventure with new custom-built fenders and a MagnaFlow exhaust.
aired 261 days ago
Eliza and Jeremy are invited to participate in some winter wheeling.
aired 282 days ago
The 2018 Jeep JL Wrangler Rubicon is getting ready to hit the trails with the addition of an Edelbrock Supercharger and a new set of gears to move 37 tires.
aired 296 days ago
Exploring in the 2001 straight-axle Tacoma at Adventure Off-Road Park.
aired 303 days ago
A 2001 Toyota Tacoma gets a canvas topper; Jeremy and Eliza help a young couple with their restoration of a 1978 Chevy K10.
aired 352 days ago
Our Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon gets a stronger axle, and a custom built bumper. Plus, how you can build your own rack for trail tools.
aired 420 days ago
The Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon hits the trails; a look at what the JL needs to survive on the 2019 XOR Adventure.
aired 433 days ago
The Prerunner Ranger details are wired and ready for ignition.
aired 461 days ago
Tuning the 5.0L Coyote and setting up the transmission for maximum off-road speed.
aired 580 days ago
Getting the rear racing suspension installed in the 2002 Ford Ranger.
aired 616 days ago
Eliza and Jeremy are adding a custom steering setup to their 2002 Ford Pre-Runner Ranger.
aired 748 days ago
Jeremy and Eliza design and fabricate front and rear bumpers for the Overland Scout.
aired 776 days ago
Eliza and Jeremy are adding rock sliders and a room mounted tent to their Overland Scout; they then tear into their new Jeep JK crawler project.
aired 783 days ago
Eliza and Jeremy put fuel and fire to their LS-2 powered Overland Scout project and finally get to her it roar to life.
aired 790 days ago
Eliza and Jeremy hit the road to pick up a Jeep JK for a brand new build.
aired 804 days ago
Eliza and Jeremy are prepping their Overland Scout for just about any location with a storage system and a custom build fresh water supply.
aired 804 days ago
Jeremy and Eliza install hydraulically assisted steering in their Overland Scout to help turn their new 37-inch all-terrain tires.
aired 811 days ago
Eliza and Jeremy are doing suspension work and making custom interior pieces for their Scout; they continue the teardown of their Prerunner Ranger.
aired 811 days ago
Eliza and Jeremy work hard to prep their Overland Scout project to hit the great outdoors; they continue the teardown of their Prerunner Ranger.
aired 818 days ago
Jeremy and Eliza give their Overland International Scout project a new stance by installing taller springs and performing a solid axle swap.

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