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World Without End

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Based on a novel by Ken Follett, this miniseries is set in England in the 1300s amid natural disasters, plague and war. All is well in the thriving town of Kingsbridge following the end of civil war. But that changes when, without warning, the town is under siege. Sir Roland, an ardent supporter of the queen, marches in and usurps nearby Shiring, condemning the reigning lord as a traitor and sentencing him to death. He is determined to hang every man on his list -- and it's a lengthy one -- of people who have supported the old king against the queen. Everyone else must pay dearly in taxes to support the queen's claim to the French crown, which marks the beginning of the Hundred Years' War.

Latest episodes

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Caris and Merthin are reunited in love; Godwyn will stop at nothing to destroy Caris; the King's Army arrives to quell the peasant rebellion and destroy Kingsbridge; Brother Thomas reveals a great secret.
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Godwyn is shocked to discover Caris has been made Prior; a peasant rebellion against Lord Ralph.
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The Black Death makes its way to England; Kingsbridge is ravaged by the plague and descends into chaos.
aired 28 days ago
Forced to become a nun, Caris travels to France to petition the king to stop Godwyn's sinister plans; war rages between England and France, and the British army faces defeat.
aired 28 days ago
Petranilla will stop at nothing to see Godwyn's power rise continue.; when Caris tries to foil Godwyn's plans, she is framed for murder and faces execution.
aired 28 days ago
After the bridge collapse, Caris helps the wounded and hopes to open a hospital; Godwyn schemes to become Prior following the suspicious drowning of Prior Anthony; King Edward III declares war on France.
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Kingsbridge is bustling as the Fleece Fair gets under way; Caris tries to help Merthin win the job of rebuilding the bridge; a witch trial ends in tragedy.
aired 28 days ago
Queen Isabella imprisons her husband, King Edward II; a knight seeks sanctuary in the town of Kingsbridge.
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War with France rages on seven years later; Caris, now a nun, goes on a dangerous mission seeking the King's permission for a special project; Godwyn's control of the town is slipping away; the Plague takes over Kingsbridge.
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Godwyn plots against Langley for control of Kingsbridge Priory and accuses Caris of being a witch; Caris' would-be lover, Merthin, is chosen to rebuild the bridge while his brother, Ralph, seeks revenge as the Earl's swordsman.
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Kingsbridge tries to pick up the pieces after the Plague kills half the town; Godwyn flees; Caris and Merthin reconcile and join Langley to lead peasants in a revolt against the Crown; Langley reveals a historic secret.
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A mysterious knight named Langley flees for safety among the monks of Medieval Kingsbridge; the English king is overthrown by his son; headstrong young Caris' fate is sealed as she is forced into marriage by her aunt.

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