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Women in Prison

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"Women in Prison" -- trumpeted by Investigation Discovery as a real-life version of the popular drama "Orange Is the New Black" -- profiles a series of inmates at Indiana Women's Prison. The groundbreaking format features two women in each episode and mixes the reality of prison life with dramatic re-creations of how each ended up behind bars. The maximum security facility is the backdrop for a cast of relatable, unlikely convicts -- a suburban soccer mom, a high school art teacher, a preacher's daughter -- who confess to shocking crimes and reveal how they've learned to survive in a hostile, alien environment.

Latest episodes

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A security guard comes home to find an abusive ex-boyfriend, leading to an explosive confrontation; the daughter of a correctional officer gets hooked on drugs after finding her dream man.
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A former army officer turns to drugs when she's injured on duty, and turns to murder when she can't get what she wants; after the death of her father, a successful student becomes a criminal to support her family.
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A millionaire housewife takes the law into her own hands and uses her children to kill her husband; a religious woman finds solace in prescription pills, but she must find another way when doctors tell her to stop.
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Desperate for money, a pregnant teenager and her boyfriend murder an elderly relative; a single mother runs a blackmail scam to help support her children, then things get out of hand when she falsifies disability checks.
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During a fight, a fast-food manager kills her boyfriend and hides the body in the woods; housewife Anda's perfect life comes apart when her husband loses his job, leading her to rob a store.
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A college student gets caught up in a robbery gone wrong; a nurse is caught selling prescription pills and faces 30 years in prison.
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A shocking crime lands Anastazia in prison, and she is faced with the challenge of parenting her daughter from behind bars; former art teacher Betsy is serving a lengthy sentence after making a devastating mistake.
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Funny and quick-witted Red, who serves as an emcee at the prison talent show, reunites with her mother and vows to change her ways forever; introverted Lara composes an autobiographical song to perform at the talent show.
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Hannah has been incarcerated at the Indiana Women's Prison since she was 17 years old after a series of events end in murder; serving time for fraud, Alicia's relationship with her husband falters while she fights for custody of her son.

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The long-running "Lockup" reality TV franchise interviews inmates and employees at correctional facilities around the world. This series focuses on women in prisons across America. The show tells stories of female inmates, including the challenges they face whether they're locked up for small infractions or major crimes. The populace of the facilities ranges from teenagers to a grandma and includes prisoners that include first-time offenders and gang members who are used to living lfie behind bars.
This documentary series takes viewers inside prisons and jails across America and around the world, offering rarely obtained and comprehensive access into these locations. The show profiles the inmates and employees who work at these facilities, highlighting their day-to-day experiences and interactions within the confines of prison. By bringing audiences the real, raw stories of life behind bars, this program aims to provide a truly authentic and in-depth look inside the complex criminal justice system.
More women than ever are working as guards in the toughest prisons in the U.S. This series brings cameras inside some of those facilities and, combined with interviews with female correctional officers, viewers witness firsthand the danger and mind games involved in this job.
The "Lockup" franchise has become a staple of the MSNBC schedule, with each series in the franchise taking place in a different prison. This entry is filmed at the Wabash Valley Correctional Facility in the rural Indiana town of Carlisle. The prison's population, 2,200 male inmates, dwarfs the town's population of just several hundred residents. The majority of Wabash's inmates used to come from urban areas, but now they come mainly from rural farming communities, because of the rise of methamphetamine use. Many of the stories in the series revolve around the meth epidemic and the strict sentences that are handed down, including half brothers who are serving 54- and 35-year sentences for various meth-related crimes. Also housed at Wabash are several of Indiana's high-profile murderers.
Each episode of this true-crime reality series examines a different felon, usually a female, who has committed murder or attempted murder. The victim is usually the perpetrator's partner. The documentary-style series features interviews with friends and family members of the accused and victims, law-enforcement officials, attorneys and other people with first-hand knowledge of the cases.
In going behind bars of Georgia's correctional system, each episode of this series examines one aspect of the state's paramilitary approach to their prisoners, the idea being treat them like highly disciplined soldiers and they will stop acting like criminals. Over the course of a year, cameras capture both those who work in the system and those housed within it -- from nonviolent offenders in a boot camp to hardened criminals in "Hi-Max," the environment that allows the most extreme disciplinary methods.
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British journalist Piers Morgan travels to the U.S. to meet some of America's most notorious female killers. Hoping to discover what drives these women to commit unspeakable acts, Morgan delves into the details, meeting with family and friends from both sides of each case to find out how lives have been impacted and to gain an insight into whether or not justice has been served. He also talks with law enforcement, defense attorneys and prosecutors, often returning to the very scene of the murders. However, it's one particular chilling encounter that carries each story, as Morgan conducts a compelling interview with the killer inside the maximum security prison she calls home.