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When Sharks Attack: Deep Dives

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From the coast of America to exotic beaches around the world, the number of reported shark attacks has increased in the last half century, many of which are occurring in new and surprising places. In these enhanced episodes of "When Sharks Attack," experts investigate the chilling incidents in an effort to determine exactly what is affecting some of nature's most feared fish. The deep-sea saga employs underwater photography, news archives and testimony to deep dive into the mysterious and deadly attacks.

Latest episodes

aired 366 days ago
Cancun never has a shark attack on its shore until 2011, when it suddenly has six.
aired 367 days ago
The Hawaiian island of Oahu is plagued by horrific shark attacks.
aired 368 days ago
Three shark attacks in three months along the Oregon coast sends shock waves through the community.
aired 369 days ago
In 2015 after nine terrifying shark attacks, a community in Australia is frightened.
aired 369 days ago
A horrific surge of shark attacks in California leaves investigators searching for answers.
aired 377 days ago
Experts attempt to learn why the world's deadliest beach for shark attacks is in South Africa.
VOD available
Enhanced episode; the Carolina Coast becomes shark attack hell in 2015.
VOD available
Cape Cod comes under siege from sharks, leaving everyone to ask why.
VOD available
A devastating spike in shark attacks along the Gulf of Mexico is a mystery.
aired 700 days ago
The popular tourist destination of Zihuatanejo, Mexico, is attacked.
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Southern California experiences a series of unexplainable attacks.
VOD available
Experts seek answers in brutal shark attacks along Florida's Atlantic coast.
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In this enhanced episode, a wave of shark attacks rocks the tourist hot spot of Maui.
VOD available
In this enhanced episode, the Bahamas is under attack, with 18 shark attacks in 6 years.
VOD available
North Carolina and Virginia experience the first set of shark attacks in 10 years; the out-of-nowhere attacks stun the community and leave scientists baffled.
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Enhanced episodes of "When Sharks Attack" investigate the increase in shark attacks during the last half century, many occurring in new and surprising places.

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