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When Nature Calls

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While Rocky the dog and Fluffy the cat are easily welcomed in a home, there are animals, of course, that require a reasonable degree of human separation. When that space gets too close for comfort, it's time to call for help. On this series, four teams of animal relocators are followed as they respond to frantic calls from people who have come into unwanted contact with critters, creepy crawlies and other nuisance wildlife. Rattlesnake in the backyard? Skunk hiding out in the kitchen? Dealing with desperate, outrageous and dangerous situations, the rescuer's main objective is to keep both animals and people safe.

Latest episodes

airs in 6 days
Bobcats, raccoons, rattlesnakes and pesky opossums are on the loose across America.
airs in 6 days
The wranglers play hide-and-seek with a beaver, bat, cat and squirrel all across America.
airs in 6 days
Venomous rattlesnakes, unruly raccoons and pack rats go on the loose across America.
airs in 6 days
Car hopping skunks; a band of bats; an army of armadillos.
aired 49 days ago
Wild hogs in Florida must be relocated before they wreak havoc on homeowners properties.
aired 271 days ago
Two pigeon-eating bobcats get in trouble in Tucson and must be relocated to prevent further destruction.