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We Bare Bears

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Three brother bears awkwardly attempt to find their place in civilized society, whether they're looking for food, trying to make human friends, or scheming to become famous on the internet. Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear stack atop one another when they leave their cave and explore the hipster environs of the San Francisco Bay Area, and it's clear the siblings have a lot to learn about a technologically driven world. By their side on many adventures are best friend Chloe (the only human character in the cast), fame-obsessed panda Nom Nom, and Charlie, aka Bigfoot.

Latest episodes

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After finding a kitten and deciding to adopt it, the Bears return home to discover dangerous animals have taken over.
VOD available
Charlie meets a creature just like him named Ralph, but the Bears suspect Charlie's new friend is trouble.
VOD available
Panda goes on a mission to return a lost phone to the girl of his dreams.
VOD available
The Bears try to help when Chloe is unable to speak to her professor about a poor grade, but their efforts only make the situation worse.
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Chloe and the bears take a road trip to see a meteor shower; Ice Bear is put in charge because he is the only one with a license.
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Some new neighbors set up camp next to the Bears' cave; Panda and Ice love it, but Grizz thinks they're up to no good.
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The Baby Bears' dreams come true when they discover a $100 bill; when they can't bear to spend it, they have difficulty letting go.
aired 7 days ago
Grizz is so excited about hibernation that he can't get to sleep.
VOD available
Panda uses an app to find a friend with whom he has more in common, but things take a turn for the worse when the new friend gets too possessive.
aired 8 days ago
When the Bears' beloved laptop breaks, they finally have the need to do something they've never done before: get jobs.
VOD available
Nom Nom must complete anger management, with Grizz as his partner, in order to appear on a successful children's show.
aired 8 days ago
Determined to show Ice Bear a fun day in the city, Chloe promises to help him have a great time, even if that means staying at a museum after it has close.
VOD available
The Bears become stranded on a subway platform after missing their train, but while waiting, the Bears must recover some lost items.
VOD available
The bears fail to find an owner after being in an animal adoption commercial.
VOD available
Grizz gets cast in a movie about a grizzly bear, but soon realizes the movie's depiction of grizzly bears goes against what he had in mind.
aired 9 days ago
Panda shows his best side on a video chat date, but completely exaggerates that side of himself to make a good impression.
aired 10 days ago
The bears want to attend Nom Nom's star-studded bash, but must first attend the parties of their other friends.
aired 10 days ago
Charlie throws a party, but ends up going on an adventure with the unlikeliest of animals.
aired 10 days ago
Grizz leaves the cave to assist anyone he can in the city.
aired 10 days ago
The Bears are shamed by a hipster grocery store worker when they ask for plastic grocery bags; the Bears quickly realize that eco-friendly tote bags are the way to go.
aired 13 days ago
When the bears find Chloe in the library, exhausted, they try to help her study, but make things worse.

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The forest ranger's house is the only area of human civilization in the middle of untamed wilderness in a vast natural reserve in Canada. When the ranger is away, a bear named Grizzy feels that the ranger's house is his territory, given that bears sit at the top of the food chain. After making his way inside the home, Grizzy takes advantage of all the modern conveniences there, including a comfortable sofa, air conditioning and fully equipped kitchen. He's not alone, though, because a group of small creatures called lemmings also populate the ranger's house when he is away. Because Grizzy and the lemmings are not civilized enough to live together in peace, it becomes an atmosphere of madness when the two sides try to outdo each other with tricks.