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Vampirina Ghoul Girls Rock!

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Rock out to music from Vee's band the Ghoul Girls.

Latest episodes

aired 259 days ago
King Pepi invites all the party monsters and humans alike to come join the dance party in the crypt with the Ghoul Girls.
aired 259 days ago
Bridget takes the lead as everyone sings about the silly things that can sometimes be scary, but something Bridget will never be scared of is performing with her friends.
aired 260 days ago
With the help of some dancing zombies, the Ghoul Girls teach everyone how to do the new dance craze: the Zombie Bop.
aired 260 days ago
The Ghoul Girls celebrate their fun, successful lives through song.
aired 261 days ago
Using the fun, spooky sounds of creaks, stomps and howls, the Ghoul Girls jam out to a song that combines them all together.
aired 262 days ago
Joined by DJ Demi the ghost, the girls sing about all the fun you get to have when you're a flying, floating and lovable ghost.
aired 262 days ago
Vampirina, Poppy and Bridget celebrate together at a rocking overnight party.
aired 264 days ago
Music from Vee's band, the Ghoul Girls.
aired 265 days ago
The Ghoul Girls sing a rock ballad about the legendary and spooky famous female monsters throughout history.
aired 266 days ago
The ghoul girls and the scary girls help a mummy overcome shyness and play in their band.
aired 266 days ago
Vee, Poppy and Bridget have a dance party on the street with their fellow monsters.
aired 267 days ago
Music from Vee's band, the Ghoul Girls.
aired 270 days ago
The unusual guests who show up to stay at the Scare B&B.
aired 275 days ago
Each of the Ghoul Girls takes the spotlight to introduce themselves before they all come together in a big finish.

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