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Urban Myths

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"Urban Myths" is an anthology series made up of original comedies based on stories that have been passed down over the years. Featuring an ensemble cast that includes Iwan Rheon, Rupert Grint, Ben Chaplin, Katherine Parkinson and Aidan Gillen, these urban legends are represented in a playful and intentionally ambiguous way. Without knowledge of the full story as it happened, imaginations have gone wild as famous folklore figures are recreated with bizarre narratives to follow. Well-known names whose tales are told in the episodes include legendary crooner Bob Dylan, storied actor Cary Grant and famed boxer Muhammad Ali.

Latest episodes

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Bob Dylan flies to London to visit Dave Stewart, and waits for Dave in his flat while being served tea.
aired 61 days ago
A young David Bowie and Marc Bolan spend an afternoon redecorating their manager's Soho office.
aired 63 days ago
A recounting of the filming of "Some Like It Hot" and the 47 takes it required for Marilyn Monroe to say the line "It's me. Sugar."
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In 1973, Alice Cooper befriends artist Salvador Dali and attends a bizarre birthday party at Dali's home; Dali asks Cooper to sit for him while he creates a hologram.
aired 72 days ago
While in his dressing room, Cary Grant is visited by Timothy Leary, who is eager to try LSD with the actor.
VOD available
Over the course of a year, the friendship between Samuel Beckett and the boy who would become Andre the Giant evolves.
aired 108 days ago
In the early 1980s, Muhammad Ali takes it upon himself to talk a suicidal stranger down from a ledge.
aired 144 days ago
Imagining Adolf Hitler as an 18-year-old oddball who dreams of becoming a famous painter.

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