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Richard Cantarella is the patriarch of a boisterous, old-school family that is in a situation most families don't experience. At one time, the clan was in witness protection after providing testimony that led to the conviction of one of America's most powerful crime families. That chapter of the Cantarellas' life is over now, and Richard and wife Lauretta are raising their two teenaged children in Scottsdale, Ariz. This docu-comedy series shows what happens as the New Yorkers adapt to their unfamiliar suburban surroundings and drop old habits as they try to make new friends and run the family's car wash, all while staying true to themselves.

Latest episodes

aired 1,109 days ago
Lauretta struggles to come to terms with turning 70; Richard, Paul and Tracey plan a surprise birthday party and special gift exchange, in hopes of lifting Lauretta's spirits.
aired 1,114 days ago
Tracey strives to prove she is better than Paul at the family business by turning around one of his failed endeavors, the mobile car wash; Richard tries to take a day off, but Lauretta has other plans.
aired 1,116 days ago
Lauretta goes on a sexcapade and decides to host a sex toy party to make a little dough and spice up the romantic lives of her uptight neighbors; Paulie attempts cooking Sunday dinner for the family with Kim occupied at Lauretta's.
aired 1,116 days ago
Kim and Paulie have a ghost, and they try to see if they can rid their lives of the unwanted spirit; Tracey spends the day with her mom seeking out a more feminine career.
aired 1,116 days ago
Richard donates one of his original paintings to Toni's school's silent auction; Kim and Paulie threaten to cut off lazy Richie Jr. unless he can work full time at the wash.
aired 1,116 days ago
After being offended by a not-so-great Yelp review of the family car wash, Richard and Lauretta track down the culprit in an effort to get the review removed; Toni and Richie Jr. make a commercial in hopes of turning the wash's reputation around.
aired 1,116 days ago
The Cantarella men stage a stakeout to catch a neighborhood vandal; the women throw a block party in the hopes that the neighbors will welcome Lauretta's new lawn sculpture.

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