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Unmasking a Killer

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Is one of America's most prolific uncaught serial killers still alive, and will a new $50,000 reward finally help collar the sadistic criminal? Now known as the Golden State Killer and responsible for at least 12 murders in California, the man investigators have sought for 40 years may be linked to another series of unsolved crimes, raising a key to perhaps solving the case. This five-part docuseries is an in-depth look at the manhunt, patterns, escape methods and mind games of the killer. It also includes interviews with investigators, law enforcement and victims, who offer information to help solve the mystery of a man who has managed to escape justice for decades.

Latest episodes

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Investigators spend four decades tracking down the Golden State Killer before finally identifying a suspect who was hiding in plain sight.
aired 44 days ago
After a 40-year manhunt, investigators finally find their needle in a DNA haystack and unmask the man who may be California's most prolific serial killer.
aired 87 days ago
Investigators analyze evidence and explore the various theories as to the identity of the Golden State Killer, what job could have afforded him the time to perpetrate his heinous crimes, and where he could he have possibly lived.
aired 101 days ago
When dealing with a serial rapist and killer, it's not only the crime scenes that are revealing, it's also the serial behaviors that offer clues of the offender's identity.
aired 101 days ago
The true story of how one serial killer wreaked havoc in California, leading to new laws and influencing rape crisis centers, 911 emergency services and DNA collection laws.
aired 101 days ago
Delving into the sadistic methods of the Golden State Killer, one of the worst serial killers of all time, who managed to get away with 51 attacks and 12 murders while assaulting people inside their own homes.
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The true story of one of the nation's most prolific uncaught serial killers; known first as the East Area Rapist, then the Original Night Stalker, and now the Golden State Killer, he's responsible for a staggering 51 attacks and 12 murders.