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Unexplained: Caught on Camera

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The modern world is awash in cameras and recording devices, including cell phones, security cameras, baby monitors, virtual assistants, and dashcams. Travel Channel's "Unexplained: Caught on Camera" explores the possibility that these devices are capable of capturing proof of paranormal phenomena. The series features people who have recorded chilling and disquieting footage as well as experts who try to explain the unexplainable. Episodes feature friends who summon a ghost using spirit boards, a pet-sitter who grapples with a poltergeist, a YouTuber who buys a cursed box online, and a beleaguered man who has more than 100 hours of footage recording paranormal activity.

Latest episodes

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A poltergeist turns an evening of pet-sitting into a night of survival; a household struggles to accept a ghostly new member of the family; a woman catches a spirit watching her little boy.
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A man's supernatural experiences in a hotel don't stop there; two women witness the spirit of a little boy playing a trick on them; a man makes the biggest mistake of his life when he opens a cursed box.
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A former skeptic endures 10 years of paranormal phenomena in his home; a man believes an angry spirit is punishing him for filming in an abandoned asylum; a young woman finds true love -- with her doll.
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A woman falls in love with the ghost of a 300-year-old pirate; a young man continues to be surrounded by meddling spirits for nearly a decade; two men capture footage of UFOs.
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A poltergeist wreaks havoc on a little girl's birthday party; paranormal investigators unwittingly trap an evil spirit inside a doll; a man captures chilling footage of an entity walking through walls.
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Paranormal investigators are paralyzed by fear after one of them is possessed by a spirit; a family is convinced they're being visited by the ghost of their dog; a man is attacked by his own dinnerware after antagonizing an entity.
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A man gravely regrets unleashing a demonic entity from a sealed box; a pub seems to have a resident ghost; a pastor is on a mission to exorcise as many demons as possible.
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Two friends summon a ghost using six spirit boards; a school in Ireland becomes a paranormal playground after-hours; a young man can't contain himself when he is treated for a voodoo curse.

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