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Uncensored With Michael Ware

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Best known as a war correspondent, notably for his fearless, access-driven coverage of the Iraq War, Michael Ware is ready to embark on a new journey of discovery. From executive producer Peter Berg, "Uncensored" sees Ware employing his run-and-gun approach to storytelling as he investigates especially fascinating people, places and cultures, from witchcraft in Papua New Guinea to paparazzi in Los Angeles. Along the way, the journalist digs deeper into his subjects' stories by interacting with them and discussing and dissecting their answers to his questions.

Latest episodes

aired 524 days ago
Ware embeds himself with paparazzi in Los Angeles to find out what it takes to get the money shot.
aired 531 days ago
Michael Ware travels to the South to learn what lies behind the gentility of Southern charm.
aired 542 days ago
Rum, cigars and classic cars; Cuba is a new tourist hot spot.
aired 543 days ago
Ware rides with The Night Wolves, a pro-Putin motorcycle gang.
aired 556 days ago
A psychological profile of Africa's last remaining absolute monarch.
aired 562 days ago
A look inside the secretive organization that wants overthrow the Iranian government.
aired 581 days ago
A rugged war correspondent enters new frontlines to find meaning in fashion.
aired 586 days ago
Investigating Papua New Guinea's storied and highly controversial practices.

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