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Ultimate Predators

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Jon Wolfson examines the lethal power and strange abilities of nature's most vicious hunters.

Latest episodes

aired 45 days ago
The planet's top carnivores are stealthy, fierce, and built to kill.
aired 45 days ago
Chimps can snap and attack humans they have befriended previously.
aired 45 days ago
An unprovoked cougar attacks a child; a Komodo dragon bites a sleeping man.
aired 45 days ago
Shark attack on the Brazilian coast; Siberian tigers draw human blood; Florida alligators; black bear.
aired 45 days ago
A wounded lion hunts humans; a baboon resorts to kidnapping; arctic bears go on the attack; vicious hippos.
aired 52 days ago
The stories of vicious animal attacks are told by survivors.

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