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UFOs: Uncovering the Truth

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Testimony from current and former government officials, pilots and astronauts offers insight into humanity's contact with the extraterrestrial.

Latest episodes

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Technological innovations may have been gifted to humans by extraterrestrials for nefarious purposes; with bonus content.
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Investigators reveal the secret history of U.S. presidents and UFOs, from President Franklin D. Roosevelt's knowledge about a UFO battle to President John F. Kennedy's plan to share extraterrestrial secrets with the Russians; with bonus content.
aired 390 days ago
As long as there have been UFO sightings, there have been claims of alien abduction; this phenomena and alleged alien implants are examined in the light of never-before-seen evidence and eyewitness testimony.
aired 397 days ago
Using archival audio recordings, official transcripts and incident reports, UFO researchers investigate what really happened during encounters between law enforcement personnel and UFOs.
aired 411 days ago
Pilots and astronauts share firsthand accounts of their encounters with mysterious, unknown flying objects.
aired 414 days ago
New evidence reveals the possibility that extraterrestrials visited ancient humans, influencing ancient technologies, architecture and art; a scholar reveals evidence supporting his theory that aliens created ancient Sumerians.
aired 414 days ago
Trace evidence from the history of ancient Egypt, to the myths of Native Americans through the art of the Renaissance period lead researchers to believe that otherworldly spacecraft have visited humans since the dawn of man.
aired 414 days ago
The mysterious reports of vanishing aircraft, UFOs and reverse engineering highly advanced technology from Area 52.

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Current and former government officials, pilots and astronauts come forth to share evidence of humanity's contact with the extraterrestrial.
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