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Tricky Dick

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Richard Milhous Nixon, the 37th president of the U.S. and first to resign, led a political career as varied, dynamic and disruptive as any in history. His rise, fall, comeback and eventual destruction during some of America's most tumultuous decades are examined in "Tricky Dick." The four-part series relies solely on archival footage, some seen for the first time here, to tell a story of power, politics and scandal. It begins with his early political life in California, moves to his calculated crusade for the presidency that leads into the tumult of the Vietnam War era, and concludes with Nixon's re-election and ensnarement in Watergate.

Latest episodes

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Shortly into Nixon's second term, the cover-up of the break-in at the DNC headquarters at the Watergate complex starts to fall apart; Nixon wages a battle in the press.
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Richard Nixon enters office after navigating one of the greatest political comebacks of all time to find that his survival hinges on the promise to end the Vietnam War; the anti-war movement gains strength; the president suspects a conspiracy.
aired 177 days ago
Nixon loses one of the closest presidential elections in history to John F. Kennedy; Nixon runs for governor's seat in California; Nixon retreats from politics; determined to shed his loser's image, he wages a calculated crusade for the presidency.
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Raised by a family with modest means with a childhood beset by tragedy, Richard Nixon learns early to recognize opportunity and how to seize it; Nixon's years as a serious student give way to a promising political career.
aired 351 days ago
Anderson Cooper gathers the key figures from the Watergate era to offer additional insights and analysis on a painful chapter in American history and the parallels to the current political climate.