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Transformers: Cyberverse

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"Transformers: Cyberverse" focuses on the adventures of Bumblebee. A damaged memory chip leads to amnesia for Bumblebee, which leads him on an adventure to recover the missing memories of Cybertron. He is joined by his friend Windblade, who journeys with him so he can remember everything, but Megatron sends his Decepticon assassins after the pair try to save their friends from harm. The duo do whatever is in their power to stop the Decepticons and Megatron from ruining the world.

Latest episodes

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Starscream makes a power play for control of the Decepticons as the moon hurtles toward Earth.
VOD available
To save the Earth from destruction, the Autobots must defeat the Decepticons on the moon.
aired 262 days ago
The Autobot team must fight its way through Shockwave and his Decepticons to defend the Ark and awaken Optimus Prime and the other Autobots.
aired 269 days ago
The Autobot team finally discovers the location of the Ark.
aired 276 days ago
The newly formed team of Autobots must stop Shockwave from destroying all life on the planet.
aired 283 days ago
Windblade and Bee uncover a buried Autobot who turns out to be an old friend.
aired 290 days ago
The Seekers attempt to extract the location of the Ark from Windblade's memories.
aired 297 days ago
Bee learns the meaning of leadership through three memories of Optimus Prime.
aired 304 days ago
Windblade and Bumblebee trace an Autobot signal and find themselves lured into a trap set by Slipstream and her Seekers.
aired 311 days ago
Shockwave traps Bumblebee in a false memory designed to convince him he's a Decepticon.
aired 318 days ago
Bumblebee remembers MacCadam's, his favorite hangout on Cybertron, at three different points in its storied history.
aired 325 days ago
Bumblebee revisits memories of his archnemesis Shadowstriker and learns there's more to being a hero than just knowing how to fight.
aired 332 days ago
Bumblebee explores a nightmarish memory of his visit to Velocitron while Windblade pilots the shuttle in a relentless dogfight with the Decepticon Seekers.
aired 339 days ago
Bumblebee learns how he first met Windblade and relives a Golden Age encounter with a young Starscream and his Seekers.
aired 346 days ago
Windblade tries to make Bee understand who Megatron is.
aired 353 days ago
Windblade sets out on a journey after a clue from Bumblebee's memory appears.
aired 360 days ago
During its journey from Cybertron, the Ark's Energon supplies run low and the desperate crew is forced to enter stasis.
aired 367 days ago
While searching his memories to understand the Allspark, Bumblebee discovers the memory of Optimus Prime.
aired 374 days ago
Realizing that Bumblebee's memory is in really bad shape, Windblade must resort to extreme measures to try and help fix her friend.
aired 381 days ago
Windblade arrives on Earth before the Decepticons and meets her old friend Bumblebee, who has no idea who she is.
VOD available
Starscream uses the Allspark to create a terrible new army.

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