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To Rome for Love

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Five women embark on a journey to Italy with Diann Valentine. The women are in different stages of their lives in regards to love and the unique stories they tell, but they are all in the same boat when it boils down to dating as black women in America. The women must face their fears, move on from their emotional baggage and also understand cultural differences as they seek new love in Rome. D. Micah Lindsey and Christine "Cece" Counts join them to offer their own insights about love while educating them on the Italian heritage, and they help Valentine vet the perfect bachelors.

Latest episodes

aired 90 days ago
Diann gives the girls one more chance to make some big decisions regarding their relationships; Shay goes on a final date with Emiliano; Ashley decides to take a big step with Alejandro; Alberto reveals something to Nakita that throws her for a loop.
aired 90 days ago
The girls plan to make Gina's 52nd birthday a big celebration; Mercedes seeks Diann's advice for a romantic dilemma; Alejandro's actions spark jealousy from Ashley; Nakita goes on a fourth date with Alberto.
aired 97 days ago
Diann finds out that Mercedes has been talking to a potential suitor; Shay looks for a spark with Emiliano; while on a double date, Claudio, Gina, Ashley, and Alejandro visit a magnificent vineyard; Diann gives Mercedes some hard truths.
aired 104 days ago
Mercedes talks about her past and why finding a man who loves Jesus is so important to her; Ashley and Alejandro go on their second date; Diann introduces Nakita to a guy at the beach; Shay goes on her second date with Emiliano.
aired 106 days ago
Ashley meets a hot stranger on the street; Shay goes on a date with another man; Mercedes tries with Kwame but finds that she cannot fight the one thing that is most important to her; Diann pays the ladies a visit; Mercedes' walls finally come down.
aired 123 days ago
Ashley confronts Leo about his intentions; Diann and her team take the women to Villa Borghese; Nakita's Prince Charming may not be quite the man she thought he would be; Mercedes shocks the team with an unexpected addition to a group outing.
aired 129 days ago
Ashley and Shay agree to disagree; Diann hatches a plan to get Nakita out of her funk; Ashley discovers disturbing new information on Leo's social media; Gina finally opens up to the girls about her past.
aired 129 days ago
Mercedes continues to be difficult; Shay basks in the attention from two suitors; Nakita meets with some misfortune; Ashley goes on her first date with Leo while struggling with her past.
aired 132 days ago
Shay is introduced to Roberto, a charming chef; while Mercedes wants a man of faith, she is attracted to a hunk; sparks fly between Ashley and a sexy lawyer; Gina connects with Dario, a distinguished gentleman; Shay and Ashley continue to butt heads.
aired 148 days ago
A rivalry over men develops between Ashley and Shay; Gina, a former Food Network star, has trouble finding her footing.