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Time of Death

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People are mortal, which is a point driven home by this series that follows people who are facing their imminent death. The ill people on "Time of Death" are supported by family, friends, health care professionals, and hospice workers. The stories told include those of a single mother with invasive breast cancer; a psychotherapist specializing in death and dying but who, herself, has pancreatic cancer; a veteran with a rare form of cancer; and a young woman who has metastatic melanoma.

Latest episodes

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The custody of Maria's children; Nicolle is not ready to stop fighting her cancer, but her family worries they will not be able to honor her wishes.
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The custody of Maria's teenagers remains unresolved; Laura and Lisa turn a cross-country move into a road trip; although Brad is resigned to death, his wife is not ready.
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A surprise visit from Maria's ex; Dr.Yancey receives a diagnosis of lung cancer.
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Little struggles to take care of her mom and two younger siblings; Cheyenne seeks redemption.
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Maria is excited about a new clinical trial, but her children are alarmed with the changes in her; With a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, Lenore, herself a death and dying psychotherapist, prepares to say goodbye to her husband of 53 years, her sons and grandchildren.
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A daughter tries to finalize her mother's wishes before she loses her fight against breast cancer; a Navy vet regrets losing the love of his life.