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National Public Radio's long-running documentary series makes the leap to TV, telling stories culled from all across the nation. Host Ira Glass (who's pulling double-duty on the TV show as he's also the host on radio) and a team of filmmakers spend months on the road finding stories they think would be interesting to viewers -- stories involving Iowa pig farms, an Illinois hot-dog stand and a man who spends several hours a day in his family's mausoleum, among other tales. Many of the stories featured on the show were originally told on the radio show, with video added for the TV audience.

Latest episodes

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A look at comedians and their audiences includes kids learning to fight bullies; Mike Birbiglia.
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Several people share the name John Smith.
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Cartoonist Chris Ware animates a true story about marriage; a husband is obsessed with a legal battle.
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Boxers in Tennessee face off in an important match; New York children learn to fight bullies the old fashioned way.
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Wisconsin convicts attempt to escape prison using dental floss; high-school students pose for yearbook snapshots; a man has a 30-year obsession with a bird.
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A young Iraqi embarks on an American road trip; a Bulgarian man in Rhode Island has an ongoing argument with his American wife.
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People escape home but do not go far away; Philadelphia teenage boys use old-school transportation; a young man fights for independence from his mother.
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Innovation yields surprising results for researchers.
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Stories exploring the cost of stubbornness include a boy who decides never to fall in love and a politician who tries to win an election without telling a single lie.
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Getting closer to God; an artist serves dinner to a diverse group.
VOD available
Cartoonist Chris Ware; a filmmaker documents his alcoholic stepfather.
VOD available
Effecting positive change.
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People try to make their dreams come true but sometimes fail.

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