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The Windsors: Inside the Royal Dynasty

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A series that explores the incredible, dramatic, and emotional tale of the The House of Windsor.

Latest episodes

aired 113 days ago
The marriage between the Prince and Princess of Wales starts to fall apart, and the queen begins to face the greatest challenges of her long reign.
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Prince Charles is next in line to succeed his mother, Queen Elizabeth, and is under great pressure to marry and produce an heir for the Windsor dynasty.
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Young Elizabeth II takes her first steps as Queen and is torn between old tradition and those, like her husband, who want to modernize the monarchy.
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Following King George's death, Prince Edward must choose between the throne and marrying American divorcee, Wallis Simpson.
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When the shy, stuttering George VI is crowned King in 1937, he must rebuild the prestige of the monarchy after the shocking abdication of his brother Edward and in the shadow of WWII.