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The Truth About Cats

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Cat experts conduct experiments to investigate the life of man's feline friends.

Latest episodes

aired 706 days ago
Some of the worlds leading cat experts reveal how man's cuddly feline friends can turn into deadly predators.
aired 939 days ago
Discovering how cats can unleash more power than a racehorse and what happens in the milliseconds leading up to a pounce.
aired 943 days ago
Investigating how cats communicate with friends, foes and humans.

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Ever owned a cat that would be perfect starring in the feline version of "Psycho"? You know, a pet that wreaks havoc on a household to the point of breaking up relationships, or one whose violent actions sends its owners to the hospital? Cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy deals with these issues every day, and in this series he lends his expertise to desperate families hoping to rehabilitate their furry companions.