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The Trade

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The opioid epidemic is widespread, and it ravages communities in Mexico as well as the United States. The docuseries examines this crisis through those who it has affected the most: the addicts, the growers, and those in law enforcement. Vinnie Malhotra, Showtime senior vice-president of documentaries, unscripted and sports programming, said, "The Trade" is a powerful and visceral odyssey from the poppy fields of cartel-controlled Mexico to the battle to save lives in heartland America. Heinemann masterfully delivers one of the most bold and emotional narratives in documentary today."

Latest episodes

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In Columbus, Ohio, Sergeant Smith zeroes in on a dealer who mixes heroin with Fentanyl; in Mexico, Don Miguel finds himself trapped in the drug trade; back in Atlanta, Skyler signs himself up for long-term treatment.
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Don Miguel celebrates a birthday as Mexican Federal police move to crack down on drug trafficking; Special Agent James tracks down a suspect; Laura and Dan locate their son, Andrew, and convince him to turn himself in for outstanding drug charges.
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In the border town of Juarez, Mexico, a trafficker explains how heroin is transported to the United States; Special Agent James starts tracking the drug supply back to its source; in Atlanta, John hits the street to feed his habit.
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Don Miguel responds to a shooting in his territory; Edwards investigates the overdose death of a young mother; Richard runs a recovery clinic.
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A look inside America's heroin crisis; Don Miguel struggles to control poppy fields; Det. Edwards orchestrates a traffic stop to close in on a dealer; Skyler moves home with his parents.