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The Trade

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The opioid crisis through the eyes of the growers, addicts, cartel bosses and law enforcement.

Latest episodes

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Magda and Rossni cross into the United States but must figure out how to support themselves; Sochil becomes increasingly worried about her family's safety; Juana, a grandmother with six kids, faces deportation after 20 years in the United States.
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Magda and Rossni must split with their group to improve their chances of crossing; a woman who was sexually abused tries to expose a sex-trafficking network; Homeland Security officers follow a potential sex-trafficking case to Ohio.
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Magda and her brother-in-law try to jump on a cargo train headed for the U.S. border; a family in Mexico mourns the death of their son who drowned trying to cross the river into the United States; Agent Ramirez tries to take down a smuggling cell.
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Magda flees Honduras with her daughter, hoping to make it to the United States; in Colorado, Victor awaits his next ICE hearing and possible deportation; Agent Ramirez leads an investigation into a smuggling cell in McAllen, Texas.
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In Columbus, Ohio, Sergeant Smith zeroes in on a dealer who mixes heroin with Fentanyl; in Mexico, Don Miguel finds himself trapped in the drug trade; back in Atlanta, Skyler signs himself up for long-term treatment.
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Don Miguel celebrates a birthday as Mexican Federal police move to crack down on drug trafficking; Special Agent James tracks down a suspect; Laura and Dan locate their son, Andrew, and convince him to turn himself in for outstanding drug charges.
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In the border town of Juarez, Mexico, a trafficker explains how heroin is transported to the United States; Special Agent James starts tracking the drug supply back to its source; in Atlanta, John hits the street to feed his habit.
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Don Miguel responds to a shooting in his territory; Edwards investigates the overdose death of a young mother; Richard runs a recovery clinic.
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A look inside America's heroin crisis; Don Miguel struggles to control poppy fields; Det. Edwards orchestrates a traffic stop to close in on a dealer; Skyler moves home with his parents.

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How does the drug trade work? Can it be stopped or should it be regulated? And what are the personal costs? Those are just some of the questions asked in this series, a comprehensive look at society's most abused drugs: cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin and marijuana. First-person perspectives from traffickers, dealers, users, law enforcement and medical professionals detail how the drugs are processed and moved onto the streets, and the effects they have on the human body. It's a raw, eye-opening documentary about a billion-dollar industry.
Cameras follow the action along Arizona's Sonoran Desert, one of the busiest border crossings in the country, as officers and agents of U.S. Customs and Border Protection fight terrorism, apprehend drug smugglers and intercept people entering the United States illegally. The series also embeds with Customs and Border Protection, and with local law enforcement, as units patrol near and on the border in South Texas.
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Docudrama que retrata la labor del pequeño pero poderoso departamento de alguaciles del pueblo de Zapata, integrado en su mayoría por mexicano-americanos, liderado por el comisario en jefe Alfonso López y el subjefe Raymundo del Bosque. Su valiente equipo de alguaciles arriesga la vida a diario para proteger a la población de Zapata, una ciudad fronteriza en el estado de Tejas, localizada a 200 millas al sur de San Antonio y bautizada como la puerta de entrada al Río Grande. El programa ofrece un acceso inédito a los operativos de los alguaciles, mientras combaten a los criminales y traficantes de drogas y de personas, así como a conductores temerarios. El crimen nunca se detiene en Zapata, pero estos tenaces oficiales están decididos a preservar la justicia y la seguridad de los habitantes.