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The Secret Life of the Zoo

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Chester Zoo is one of the most popular wildlife parks in Great Britain, attracting more than 1.8 million visitors annually. Through the use of cameras equipped with the latest technology, this program takes viewers behind the scenes of the zoo, capturing animal behavior close up, as well as the relationships the animals share with their keepers. Memorable scenes filmed over the course of the series include the birth of a baby giraffe, a pregnant viper getting X-rayed, chimps battling for dominance, and a red panda giving her partner the cold shoulder.

Latest episodes

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Giraffe Kidepo is off to a new zoo, his younger brother Narus is proving a disruptive influence and the keepers wrestle with the challenges thrown up by the move but Narus doesnt make things easier.
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The African painted dog pups are venturing out of their den for the first time, but the runt of the litter, Mosi is slow to follow; keepers are concerned that she has issues with her eyesight which could be fatal for a pup in the wild.
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Capybara Lily is pregnant and keepers are hoping for a big litter to liven things up in the all-female group; when newborn Henry emerges, he quickly learns to enjoy having the run of the paddock, and the attention of all the females.
aired 7 days ago
After losing her partner last year, Nima the red panda is introduced to a new mate named Koda; nut the pair get off to a bad start when Koda chases Nima up a tree, leaving her hanging from the highest branch.
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Giraffe Orla is pregnant, but with the size of a giraffe calf and length of their legs, the birth is always a risky process; as she goes into labor, the team prepares.
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K'mana the African painted dog is pregnant with the zoo's first ever litter of the rare species, but her and the cub's father haven't always gotten along.
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It is time for mouse deer Una to leave her parents and meet a mate of her own, but she is being shy around her future partner, Biani.
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A power struggle unfolds on chimp island as dominant male Dylan is challenged by young pretender Carlos.
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Sun bears Toni and Milli are having relationship issues with Toni being given the cold shoulder, but the keepers hope that romance flourishes again in a new enclosure.
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Porcupines Roxie and Henning have had a baby, but living alongside 11 meerkats means that the new arrival will need to stay calm.
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Even though sloths Tina and Rico live together, a plan is put in place to bring them closer since Tina has spent her waking moments for the last three years giving Rico a hard time.
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Elderly chameleon, Mr. Parsons, has a romantic date with young Daphne from France and it's his last chance to father a child; they first met last year but their rendezvous didn't go well so keepers are hoping for better luck this time around.
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Thi is pregnant with her ninth baby and keepers believe she's three months overdue; the risks for her and her unborn calf are growing by the day.
aired 35 days ago
Spring is in the air at Chester Zoo and many of the animals are giving birth, but an outbreak of disease in the penguin colony leaves chick Munch fighting for his life.
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Sumatran tiger Kirana is facing the loss of her sons, Topan and Jaya, as they are being moved to other zoos to start families of their own; keepers are unsure how Kirana and her remaining cub will react to their departure.
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Kendari the babirusa, a pig-deer type animal from Indonesia, is pregnant, but the two short-clawed otters she shares a paddock with are being antisocial and throwing stones at her house while she's settling down to give birth.
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Pedro the giant anteater is about to be reunited with long-term mate Bliss; the bald ibises produce a batch of new chicks; rhino couple Beni and Asha are due to be reunited after four years apart.
airs in 7 days
It's graduation day for the fledgling penguins that have spent months in their nursery being cared for by the keepers; after six months away from the group, the hope is that the fledglings will be accepted by their elders.
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An elephant family has a potentially deadly virus affecting animals in captivity and in the wild; with the youngest members of the family most at risk, the keepers and the zoo's veterinary team must do all they can to combat the mysterious illness.
aired 46 days ago
Rothschild's giraffe Orla has got the keepers guessing; she is about to give birth to her third calf, but is two weeks overdue; the astonishing arrival of the giraffe family's youngest member and its introduction to the herd.
airs in 3 days
Chester's Penguin Island is home to one of the most enduring love stories in the zoo.

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