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The Secret Life of the Zoo

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Chester Zoo is one of the most popular wildlife parks in Great Britain, attracting more than 1.8 million visitors annually. Through the use of cameras equipped with the latest technology, this program takes viewers behind the scenes of the zoo, capturing animal behavior close up, as well as the relationships the animals share with their keepers. Memorable scenes filmed over the course of the series include the birth of a baby giraffe, a pregnant viper getting X-rayed, chimps battling for dominance, and a red panda giving her partner the cold shoulder.

Latest episodes

aired 1 day ago
Chester is home to ten critically endangered Black Rhinos; with numbers in the wild dwindling, the zoo's breeding program is a key part of preserving the species; there's concern about Kitani's ability to defend herself after damaging her horn.
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Porcupines Roxie and Henning have had a baby, but living alongside 11 meerkats means that the new arrival will need to stay calm.
aired 4 days ago
It's graduation day for the fledgling penguins that have spent months in their nursery being cared for by the keepers; after six months away from the group, the hope is that the fledglings will be accepted by their elders.
aired 5 days ago
An elephant family has a potentially deadly virus affecting animals in captivity and in the wild; with the youngest members of the family most at risk, the keepers and the zoo's veterinary team must do all they can to combat the mysterious illness.
aired 6 days ago
Rothschild's giraffe Orla has got the keepers guessing; she is about to give birth to her third calf, but is two weeks overdue; the astonishing arrival of the giraffe family's youngest member and its introduction to the herd.
aired 7 days ago
Chester's Penguin Island is home to one of the most enduring love stories in the zoo.
aired 8 days ago
The zoo's Asian elephant family welcome a new arrival.
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Even though sloths Tina and Rico live together, a plan is put in place to bring them closer since Tina has spent her waking moments for the last three years giving Rico a hard time.
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The chimps have a large stick, but eldest chimp Boris is wary of dominant male Dylan stealing his reward when keeper Niall attempts to negotiate for the stick's return.
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Andean bear Lima has a 3-month-old cub, Madidi, but keepers are concerned that her overprotective behavior may curb its development; Madidi embarks on an adventure into the paddock next door.
aired 13 days ago
Sumatran tiger Kirana and her daughter, Kasarna, have started to clash at mealtimes; West African mandrill JC is being challenged for his dominant position by his sons, Ludo and Jareth; male red panda Jung is losing weight.
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Eastern black rhino Kitani is due to give birth and help swell the ranks of the endangered species; jewel wasp Ripley wants the perfect cockroach to help give birth to her offspring; four rare tenrecs from Madagascar arrive.
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Rare okapi Stomp must woo female K'Tusha, the African painted dogs; Raja the Bornean river turtle meets two new prospective mates.
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Chester's bachelor pad of lemurs is about to be in for a shock with a dominant female on her way; a novice zebra starts to make a play for power, which isn't to top zebra Florence's liking; the keepers are desperate to breed Javan green magpies.
airs in 10 days
A new elephant calf, Indali, is born but her young half-sister Nandita doesn't welcome the new arrival; bush dog dad Franco is under pressure as his family grows; Apple faces a major operation.
aired 42 days ago
Rhino Kifaru attempts to mate despite his arthritic knees; tapir Jenny falls ill; widowed porcupine Roxy meets a new, younger mate; a flamingo chick goes missing.
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Mr. Parsons the chameleon is about to meet a new mate; Jaguars Napo and Goshi are being encouraged to mate, but Napo doesn't seem to be interested; Murchison, a young giraffe, faces the great outdoors; an 18-month-old elephant has a surprise.
airs in 9 days
A new female chimp arrives at Chester Zoo, the runt of the otter litter goes missing, and cheetah mother Kinky Tail is on the operating table.
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Penguin chicks and a silvery gibbon baby face their fears; giraffe mother Tula gives birth after being a week overdue following a 13-month pregnancy.
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Pedro the giant anteater is about to be reunited with long-term mate Bliss; the bald ibises produce a batch of new chicks; rhino couple Beni and Asha are due to be reunited after four years apart.
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Zookeepers are forced to rally when Sumatran orangutans escape from their new enclosure at Chester Zoo.

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