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The Redemption Project

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Van Jones wants forgiveness, grace and empathy to be at the forefront of criminal justice reform. The social entrepreneur/CNN political contributor created "The Redemption Project" as a step in that direction, an "attempt to put some medicine into our very sick system," he says. The eight-part series offers a rare glimpse into the restorative justice process, with each episode following the victim, or surviving family members, of a life-altering crime as they journey to meet face-to-face with their offender in the hopes of finding answers or some sense of healing. Jones serves as a guide for viewers throughout the transformational process.

Latest episodes

aired 343 days ago
Mario Jr. and Aldo Gonzalez want to meet the man who killed their immigrant father, who was living the American dream until he was shot while trying to stop a robbery.
aired 350 days ago
Joshua "Gunner" Johnson has spent the last two decades struggling with PTSD and an injury after being shot by a friend who not only left him to die, but also murdered his friend sleeping on the couch.
aired 357 days ago
Former sheriff Thomas Morgan of Bakersfield, Calif., wants to meet with Jason Samuel, the man who shot him in the neck and left him to die in 1997.
aired 364 days ago
Teacher Michelle Walter of Twin Lakes, Wis., immediately recognizes the man who killed her son in a car accident.
aired 371 days ago
Van Jones heads to Alaska to witness the first dialogue between a victim and an offender in the history of the Alaskan prison system.
aired 378 days ago
Donald Lacy, whose 16-year-old daughter, LoEshé, was murdered in a gang-related shooting, meets with the man who took his daughter's life to find answers.
aired 378 days ago
Karen and David Stokes want to speak with the woman who was driving drunk and hit their daughter Ashlee, leaving her with severe cognitive and physical impairment.
aired 378 days ago
Mariah Lucas, a 25-year-old mother of three whose own mother was murdered when Mariah was a toddler, writes to Jason Clark, the man who stabbed her mom in a drug-fueled dispute over money.

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