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The Price of Duty

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Detectives from across the country get a starring role in "The Price of Duty" as they recount stories that have significantly impacted their lives emotionally from the moment they take different cases. Each episode dives into the emotional roller coaster that these detectives are on, showing how they sacrifice their personal lives so they can take on impossible tasks. Firsthand narrative from the detectives, their families, the victims' families, and other law enforcement officers breaks down the stoicism of these detectives to give viewers a raw view of how these cases and their aftermaths have affected them.

Latest episodes

aired 454 days ago
A serial rapist terrorizes Atlanta for more than a decade; survivors help Detective Danny Agan who relentlessly pursues the attacker for 20 years; Agan's very own son joins the force and takes over the case.
aired 454 days ago
Working closely with the lead investigator, rookie Detective Joe Costolnick uses a sense of empathy garnered from a personal tragedy to find the killer of an unnamed woman in rural Georgia.
aired 620 days ago
Two murders take place on the same logging road years apart, and Detective Lane Youmans becomes convinced they are connected, doing everything he can do to find justice and uncovering more than anyone ever suspected along the way.
aired 628 days ago
Detective Terry King of Camden, N.J., gets called to the scene of a tragic homicide that changes his life forever; the investigation of a brutal death causes him to form a lasting bond with a surviving victim who holds the key to finding justice.
aired 633 days ago
When a young retail merchant is brutally murdered inside a Lululemon store in upscale Bethesda, MD, a rookie detective, Dimitry Ruvin, unearths one of the most remarkable twists in the history of law enforcement.
aired 633 days ago
Even with having solved over 500 murder cases as a detective of the Los Angeles Police Department, John Garcia's darkest demons arise when he begins investigating the murder of Oscar-winning Cambodian actor and activist Haing Ngor.
aired 647 days ago
The infamous Erie, PA bombing case is widely known for its disturbing and bewildering twists and turns; but for lead FBI investigator Jerry Clark the pursuit of solving the puzzle takes a heavy toll on both he and his family.
aired 647 days ago
When a young woman is mysteriously murdered, Detective Daron Wyatt must use behavioral science, overlooked evidence and a chilling interrogation tape to solve the case and bring closure to her family, and himself.
aired 648 days ago
Delving into the most haunting cases of homicide detectives' careers, from the front lines of the investigations and retracing their first steps at different crime scenes to the final busts and the emotional aftermath that they still carry.