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The Osbournes Want to Believe

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Jack reunites with Ozzy and Sharon to share some of the craziest, most jaw-dropping videos of supernatural activity ever caught on camera.

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Jack shows a video of alleged paranormal activity to Sharon and Ozzy, who are skeptical of it.
airs in 13 days
Jack shows Sharon and Ozzy footage that leaves them questioning the existence of fairies and lizard people; the First Family of Darkness debates whether the spirit of a dead soldier can live on in a ventriloquist doll and if ghosts can do math.
airs in 6 days
The Osbournes journey into the unknown with video evidence of UFOs, aggressive poltergeist activity and a humanoid that breaks all the rules of physics; Jack schools a confused Ozzy and Sharon on the mysterious Aswang; Ozzy has a biblical revelation.

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TV personality/executive producer Jack Osbourne teams with paranormal investigator Katrina Weidman on journeys to notorious haunted locations. Not only do these places have dark histories, but they are especially sinister and purported to be doorways to the spirit underworld. Each hourlong episode finds Osbourne and Weidman at a different site, examining unusual incidents while utilizing specialized technology and a network of experts to help document and uncover the truth. Among others, the investigations include Bobby Mackey's Music World in Kentucky, Eastern State Penitentiary in Pennsylvania, the Alaskan Hotel in Juneau, Ohio's Twin City Opera House, and New Orleans' infamous LaLaurie Mansion -- where Jack and Katrina become the only paranormal team to ever examine the disturbing hauntings within its walls.
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Travel Channel adds to its extensive catalog of shows about ghostly occurrences with this series. It's a catch-all for what the network calls "amazing, eye-opening and downright scary" paranormal videos from around the world, all captured by eyewitnesses. In addition, a panel of knowledgeable specialists in the field breaks down the footage and analyzes exactly what was filmed, and the people lucky enough to witness firsthand the strange phenomena offer their accounts. All told, it just might make a believer out of even the biggest skeptics.
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Called "The Ultimate Paranormal Experience," this series breaks ground by allowing viewers to tag along with the Tennessee Wraith Chasers during paranormal investigations. The TWC team -- Chris Smith, Steven "Doogie" McDougal, Scott Porter, Brannon Smith and Mike Goncalves -- heads to a different location each episode for a completely unfiltered ghost hunt. Viewers keep tabs on what's lurking around corners via on-location video feeds. With the added eyes and ears, there's no telling what might be uncovered.