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The Numbers Game

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Could you be a boss? Are you a liar? How tough are you? Do you live on the edge? Those questions and others like them are asked and then answered by data scientist Jake Porway to reveal surprising information. Porway recites mind-bending stats, conducts entertaining man-on-the-street experiments, and takes part in interactive games, all in the name of providing insight into life's mysteries in a fast-paced, engaging way.

Latest episodes

aired 1,182 days ago
Dig up all the numbers you need to find a way through any disaster.
aired 1,182 days ago
Having some fun with the idea of code breaking; a look at the thought processes behind solving puzzles and mysterious codes in history.
aired 1,206 days ago
Break down the mechanics of persuasion by understanding how to influence people.
aired 1,213 days ago
How to tap into the benefits of being a jerk without making a long list of enemies.
aired 1,213 days ago
Jake demonstrates that lying isn't always about getting what we want, nor is it necessarily mean-spirited; but lying is prevalent, so he'll explain how to spot a lie to avoid getting duped.
aired 1,220 days ago
The science behind true boss-level leadership; the two top traits of the best bosses.
aired 1,220 days ago
Revealing why some people are more likely to believe in superstitions than others.
aired 1,227 days ago
Find out just how much of a daredevil you really are.
aired 1,227 days ago
Discover how toughness is about more than just strength and explores the science behind the basic building blocks of toughness.
aired 1,294 days ago
Jake shares all the key secrets to increasing your own physical hotness.
aired 1,332 days ago
Jake proves that heroes aren't necessarily the strongest.
aired 1,332 days ago
How to spare yourself the embarrassment of being a sucker just in time for April Fools' Day.

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