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The Musky Hunter

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Strategies and tips for catching musky.

Latest episodes

aired 152 days ago
Jim Saric and musky hunters Tom Morris and John Cowan explore the waters of Talon Lake in Bonfield, Ontario. Then, Jim, Bill Sandy and Jeff Lang dodge storms while fishing a variety of spots on Lake of the Woods.
aired 159 days ago
In early summer, warm days can trigger mayfly hatches that attract baitfish, and ultimately muskies. Jim Saric and Tom Sullivan discuss strategies for trolling during a massive mayfly hatch while fishing Lake St. Clair on a hot, flat, summer day.
aired 166 days ago
Jim Saric and musky hunter John Mich reveal their secrets for maximizing time on the water in late fall, along with live bait and artificial strategies to decoy and catch muskies.
aired 173 days ago
In this summer strategy session, Jim Saric, along with musky hunters John Cowan and Pete Hoffmann, dissect Jack's Lake in Apsley, Ontario in mid-summer. Then, Jim and Chris Taurisano utilize various casting techniques.
aired 180 days ago
Jim Saric and guide Bret Alexander encounter a pack of muskies on an overcast and rainy summer day and with the biometrics being high. They burned blades covering water quickly, trigging strikes from multiple muskies.
aired 187 days ago
Cedar Lake in Perrault Falls, Ontario, is a diverse musky fishery with multiple water colors and structure. Jim Saric and musky hunter Bob Turgeon grind through post-frontal conditions and sift through shallow cover utilizing boatside tactics.
aired 194 days ago
When the first cold nights of fall occur and water temperatures drop, muskies begin a resurgence to shallow cover. Jim Saric and Ryan McMahon tackle Minnesota Metro waters during the first cold snap of fall, in search of shallow water muskies.
aired 201 days ago
Jim Saric and pro guide Ryan McMahon demonstrate how to pick apart shallow cover and make adjustments as the weather changes.
aired 208 days ago
Cool temperatures in early summer can delay weed growth and scatter muskies, making trolling the most effective approach. Jim Saric and trophy hunter Tom Sullivan battle big winds and big water while trolling for summer muskies.
aired 215 days ago
The New River in Virginia may be on the fringe of the musky range, but it's a mainstream musky fishery. Jim Saric and pro guide Ken Trail maneuver its shallow and swift waters, while discussing strategies for locating early season river muskies.
aired 222 days ago
Jim Saric and Jeff Lang from Blue Sky Invention Company discuss the Musky Hunter Television app and how it uses biometrics to predict musky activity and take musky catches to a new level.
aired 934 days ago
Lake St. Clair is big water with giant muskies. However, with baitfish constantly on the move and water color changing due to wind and storms, locating muskies can be difficult.
aired 941 days ago
Lake of the Woods in Ontario, Canada, is known as musky central, and the Morson area is in the heart of some of the best musky fishing on LOW.

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