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If you could tell a friend things that he or she really needed to hear, would you? Would it be easier if you could do it anonymously? Those are the questions that are explored on "The Letter." In each episode, four close friends draw names and each anonymously writes a letter to the chosen pal to outline what the person can change to transform his or her life for the better. Each person then follows the rules set forth in the letter for a week. After that period, the friends come back together for a dramatic meeting, in which each friend reveals which letter was the one that he or she wrote. Actress Zelda Williams ("Dead of Summer") narrates the reality series.

Latest episodes

aired 1,359 days ago
Two feuding sisters and their two lifelong best friends, all living in Orange County California, exchange anonymous tough love letters that push their relationships to the breaking point.
aired 1,359 days ago
Four female college students who became friends when they shared a dorm during their freshman year decide to face their fears and take the letter-writing challenge.
aired 1,373 days ago
Four Maryland party girls exchange brutally honest, anonymous letters.
aired 1,373 days ago
Four inseparable Southern California roommates force each other to go on personalized adventures.
aired 1,380 days ago
Four fast friends who dance in a burlesque show decide to open themselves up by taking the anonymous letter-writing challenge.
aired 1,387 days ago
Four best friends trying to break into showbiz write anonymous letters to each other outlining behavior that needs to be changed.
aired 1,394 days ago
Four best friends from the San Fernando Valley write honest, anonymous letters to one another; a lazy girl is forced to perform some hard labor; a vain selfie queen must put away her phone for a week.
aired 1,395 days ago
Four close friends from New Jersey each receive an anonymous letter from a member of their group; the young women spend a week following the letters' heartfelt suggestions in an effort to change their lives for the better.

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