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The Land Before Time

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Littlefoot, Ruby, Cera, Ducky and Chomper explore their world in the Great Valley and the Mysterious Beyond. The dinosaurs from "The Land Before Time" venture through meadows, from caves to canyons, and even have a spooky nighttime journey. This series is based on the theatrical film of the same name.

Latest episodes

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An earthquake traps Ducky and Chomper on a ledge with the sharptooth, Thud.
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A heavy rainstorm destroys Petrie's nest forcing him to move; meanwhile, Cera asks Ducky to teach Tria how to swim.
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Ruby and Chomper take the gang to a place where water jumps out of the ground; meanwhile, Petrie fears that Spike has brought bad luck to the Valley.
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Ali returns to the Valley with a new dinosaur friend, Rhett; however, his claims that sharpteeth fear him lead the others to put that boast to the test.
aired 1 day ago
Ducky invents a game about balancing on a floating log; however, when Cera tries to prove that Threehorns are the best she is swept away by the current.
aired 1 day ago
Cera accidentally loses one of Tria's jewels and travels to the Canyon of Shiny Stones to find a replacement.
aired 2 days ago
Ruby's first Star Day.
aired 2 days ago
Chomper is worried that he is falling apart when he begins to lose his baby teeth; meanwhile, Tria takes Cera on a special outing.
aired 2 days ago
Littlefoot and the gang explore the Secret Caverns looking for a home for Chomper; however, they accidentally create a hole into the Mysterious Beyond.
aired 2 days ago
To prove Mr Treehorn wrong, on the first day of cold time, Littlefoot leads the gang on a journey to find the hard water sweets.
aired 2 days ago
A rainbow fades away and the gang split up to search for the sparkly sky color stones but some of them take the friendly game too seriously.
aired 2 days ago
Worried about her family, Ruby sets off to make sure they are ok, but she is not alone for long as Ducky, Chomper and Spike join her in the adventure.
airs in 5 days
When Littlefoot and the other kids try to find out why the fast water stopped flowing, they run into their old friend Mo.
airs in 6 days
While Littlefoot takes the Big Longneck Test, his older brother Shorty leads Littlefoot's friends on their own adventure.
airs in 4 days
Cera accidentally scares some Belly Draggers and now everyone thinks she is a hero; however, when they return with reinforcements she will decide what to do.
airs in 5 days
Chomper decides to go out to the Mysterious Beyond to teach the other sharpteeth how to be friends with Longnecks and other dinosaurs.
airs in 3 days
When Cera crashes into a log, a big wind blows Petrie and Guido out of the Great Valley and into the Mysterious Beyond.
airs in 2 days
Mr Thicknose and Topsy get in trouble when trying to rescue Spike who, by accident, fell into a hole and met some funny new creatures.
airs in 5 days
A fire threatens to destroy the Bright Circle Celebration, leaving Cera and her father as the only ones able to stop the flames.
airs in 1 day
Littlefoot believes Doc to be the legendary Lone Dinosaur and the kids are convinced he's there to drive Chomper out of the Great Valley.
airs today
Ruby is convinced her story about the invisible Hidden Runner is made up, but that doesn't stop the other kids from having scary sleep stories.

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