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The Jungle Bunch

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Living in the jungle can be dangerous for animals, which are often subjected to threats and other dangers. There's a group of creatures ready to defend those in trouble. That group -- known as the Jungle Bunch -- is led by tiger warrior Maurice, a great hunter who has taken his adopted son, Junior, under his wing to teach some hunting tricks to the younger tiger. Other members of the group include gorilla Miguel, brainy tarsier Gilbert, big-hearted bat Batricia, and inseparable toads Al and Bob.

Latest episodes

aired 647 days ago
No one has ever reached the end of the Valley of Hundred Perils, but the Jungle Bunch will have to go there to find two lovers who ran away.
aired 653 days ago
Jungle Bunch has seven minutes left to solve the problem; that's what happens but the only problem is that the mission in not that simple.
aired 690 days ago
When a cyclone threatens the jungle, the Jungle Bunch must ensure all the animals get to safety. But have they left someone behind?
aired 703 days ago
A beaver pair seeks the Jungle Bunch's help because the roof of their home keeps getting destroyed by a monster.
aired 703 days ago
Ernest, the kiwi bird and genius inventor, devises a system to boil water inside the volcano and when things get out of control the Jungle Bunch have seven minutes to keep the volcano from destroying the jungle!
aired 704 days ago
Termites have taken possession of the jungle, and as they destroy the trees they cause a chain reaction.
aired 726 days ago
Gilbert's family is held hostage by the King of the Koalas. The King wants to offer the Jungle Bunch as a birthday present to his spoiled daughter who will consider them as her toys.
aired 727 days ago
Mama Dongo's village gives all of their food as offerings to the gods to avoid the end of the world and now it seems the prophecy will come true!
aired 734 days ago
Marla, a crazy botanist, can't control the carnivorous plant she has created and it doesn't stop growing! The Jungle Bunch are sent in to destroy it.
aired 745 days ago
Every night, watermelons are stolen by a secretive mask wearing mole. Could this masked mole's criminal acts have good intentions?
aired 754 days ago
A peacock hypnotizes all of the animals to paint the jungle pink!
aired 787 days ago
Former opponents pose as members of a fan club.
aired 795 days ago
Gilbert helps a young flying fox overcome his fear of flying by making him jump from the tallest tree in the jungle!
aired 796 days ago
The Jungle Bunch find themselves trapped in a cage overlooking an island surrounded by hungry crocodiles... Fortunately, Maurice is the master of The Striking Cry.
aired 877 days ago
Roger and Stanislas get stuck back-to-back, because of a very sticky fruit. The Jungle Bunch set out to make a mixture to unglue them.
aired 1,054 days ago
Jungle friends protect their home and community.
aired 1,056 days ago
Two bats evicted from their cave by a magician mandrill seek help from the Jungle Bunch.
aired 1,060 days ago
Jungle friends protect their home and community.
aired 1,069 days ago
The Mini Jungle Bunch accidently play on a secret birthday surprise.
aired 1,073 days ago
Gilbert has the amazing opportunity to meet an ancient ancestor of his, Australotarsus. He is excited to learn how tarsiers acquired their intelligence.
aired 1,075 days ago
Bob and Al plan a surprise at the Jungle Cave.

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