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The Indestructibles

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Perhaps the survivors featured in "The Indestructibles" were in the wrong place at the wrong time, but at least luck was on their side. Real-life accidents are deconstructed to reveal how victims were able to survive the seemingly unsurvivable ... a skydiver who falls three miles to the ground, a helicopter nosedives into a rooftop, a zoo keeper attacked by lions, a pedestrian run over by an SUV, and many more stories. Accounts from both the victims and eyewitnesses, plus detailed analysis and experiments from experts and investigators, help determine the scientific principles behind these cases that defy the laws of probability.

Latest episodes

aired 996 days ago
A two car collision sends an airborne SUV speeding towards a pedestrian.
aired 996 days ago
A flying car crash against an overpass breaks a Firebird into pieces and sends the driver careening across the highway.
aired 996 days ago
A kayaker seeks answers to how he was able to survive being stuck underwater for seven long minutes.
aired 996 days ago
A news helicopter spins out of control and crashes onto a Brooklyn rooftop.
aired 996 days ago
A zoo worker regrets his decision to fill in for a staff shortage when he is attacked by two lions during feeding time.
aired 996 days ago
A man out for a stroll with his infant son and parents experiences first-hand the unpredictable laws of the streets.
aired 996 days ago
A veteran skydiving instructor plummets to the earth from 15,000 feet when both parachutes fail to open.
aired 996 days ago
A skydiver steers into a high-voltage power line after he jettisons his main parachute by mistake.

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