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Enhanced episodes of "The Incredible Dr. Pol."

Latest episodes

aired 81 days ago
Broken toes, worm infestations and nursing puppies create a whirlwind of patients at Pol Vet.
aired 88 days ago
Gratefulness abounds in central Michigan as the doctors at Pol Veterinary Services solve a cornucopia of complications.
airs in 12 days
Along with the arrival of spring in Central Michigan comes new life.
aired 91 days ago
Everyone gathers to welcome the newest member of the Pol Veterinary Services family.
aired 92 days ago
Dr. Pol is partially colorblind, so when Charles hears of a new technological breakthrough, he decides it's time to give his dad the greatest gift of all - the gift of color.
aired 95 days ago
A busy slate of farm calls and clinic cases keeps the vets on the go.
aired 95 days ago
The cases roll in as the temperatures fall during a Michigan winter.
VOD available
The vets team up to tackle cases big and small during another wild week at Pol Vet Services.
aired 109 days ago
It's Thanksgiving, and the birds are calling all the shots at Pol Veterinary Services when Charles adopts three turkeys that are on the run.
VOD available
Dr. Pol and the clinic are showered with honors.
aired 116 days ago
Dr. Emily's husband, Tony, joins the PVS staff.
aired 116 days ago
A tough winter has finally broken in Michigan, and local animals are abuzz in the warmer weather.
VOD available
A freak snowstorm hits Michigan; enhanced.
aired 116 days ago
While the doctors are determined to treat ailing animals, there's a birthday; enhanced.
aired 116 days ago
Everyone falls head over paws for the loveable, three-legged cat, Tater; enhanced.
aired 116 days ago
Dr. Pol, Diane and Charles embark on a trip to the Netherlands; enhanced.
aired 116 days ago
Animal control officers bring a rescued Saint Bernard to Pol Clinic for emergency treatment.
aired 116 days ago
Vet assistant Katie shadows Dr. Pol in hopes of getting into veterinarian school.
aired 123 days ago
Dogs of every breed arrive nonstop at the clinic.
VOD available
A season for surprises and miracles.
aired 164 days ago
The stakes heighten for Doc and the Pol Veterinary staff as animals find themselves in one complication after the next.