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The Hunt With John Walsh

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Victims' rights activist John Walsh returns to weekly TV as host of a documentary-style investigation series. Walsh details stories of ongoing cases involving fugitives, with the intent of expanding searches outside the United States. Interviews with victims, loved ones and law enforcement accompany new leads in each hourlong episode, giving the public information to facilitate the capture of suspects. Walsh, a spokesman for the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, hosted the series "America's Most Wanted" for 25 years, helping apprehend more than 1,200 criminals.

Latest episodes

aired 76 days ago
Christopher Ponce disappears into the woods after allegedly killing 20-year-old William Angel in a drunk-driving crash; after serving a long prison sentence, David Burgert allegedly provokes a shootout with deputies and flees on foot into the woods.
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Accounts of a Nebraskan alleged serial rapist and two members of the L.A. Boyz gang, brothers, who may be hiding in Mexico.
aired 76 days ago
A mother commits suicide, but there is no sign of her son; four members of an ex-girlfriend's family are murdered, allegedly by her ex-boyfriend.
aired 76 days ago
A woman allegedly hires a man to beat her estranged husband to death; an alleged serial molester allegedly kidnaps two women with a knife in Oregon.
aired 77 days ago
A young girl being raped by her stepfather tells her family and the authorities but no one believes her; a grudge-fight between acquaintances escalates until one man shoots the other in the head in front of their three mutual friends.
aired 77 days ago
A man is accused of murdering his teenage daughters when they start dating boys their own age against his wishes.
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Alfonso Diaz-Juarez stands accused of forcing young women into prostitution in a Houston cantina after kidnapping them from Mexico.
aired 77 days ago
In 1976, Brad Bishop allegedly murders his wife, his three young sons and his own mother, drives the bodies to the deep woods and burns them in shallow graves; he evades the authorities for over 30 years despite multiple sightings.
aired 78 days ago
A rejected abusive boyfriend stalks his ex, the mother of his child, trapping and killing her in her workplace; a 61-year-old grandmother is raped by a 37-year-old after he lures her to his dungeon-like home.
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Authorities hunt Robert William Fisher, who allegedly murdered his wife, Mary Fisher, and two children; John and Julieanne Dimitrion are indicted for alleged mortgage fraud in Honolulu.
aired 78 days ago
In 2002, a grain worker discovers eleven decomposed bodies hidden in a railcar in Iowa; clues lead investigators south into Texas and beyond, where alleged human trafficker Guillermo Madrigal Ballesteros, aka Don Memo, disappeared for many years.
aired 78 days ago
A family man rapes his 12-year-old stepdaughter for five years before she comes forward with the truth; two coworkers and roommates become close friends, but soon greed and desperation allegedly drives one of them to murder.
aired 146 days ago
Months after their arranged marriage, a young husband from India allegedly beats his wife to death while the two work an overnight shift in the kitchen of a Maryland donut shop.
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Anthony "Tony" Burroughs goes on the run after allegedly shooting a man to death and fleeing to the Philippines; after being found guilty for the murder of James Rouse, William Jordan and his friend Ted Anthony Prevatte escape prison.
aired 147 days ago
In 1983, 22-year-old Sid Wells, a powerful and attractive journalism student dating a movie star's daughter, is found dead lying face down on his living room floor in Boulder, Colorado; for over 30 years Sid's former roommate Thayne Smika, accused of the murder, has evaded capture; Richard McLean, a Jehovah's Witness with a respected leadership position in his local congregation, vanishes after a young girl accuses him of sexual molestation.
aired 188 days ago
Herberto Maldonado allegedly takes Lori Meija's life into a deadly downward spiral; after being accused of molesting a friend's 10-year-old daughter, Bruce Sawhill runs and sets into motion a tragic chain of events leading to a girl's death.
aired 323 days ago
Kevin Patrick Stoeser flees after being allegedly discovered looking at pictures of underage girls, having previously solicited teenage girls for sex; Charles Mozdir flees from California to Georgia after posting bail for alleged child molestation.
aired 611 days ago
When two teenagers from different gangs get into an ongoing battle over family and respect, one stabs the other to death in front of dozens of witnesses; during an early 1980s protest, a member of a radical group blinds a police officer.
aired 611 days ago
An undocumented factory worker in southern California vanishes after he blackmails his employers about their illegal employment practices.
aired 616 days ago
After allegedly murdering his parents in a drug-filled haze of rage and anger, a young father then abandons his child and flees South.
aired 630 days ago
A former police officer who had stalked, assaulted, or attempted to seduce more than five young women over the course of his career is arrested while attempting to hook up for sex with minor girls using Internet chat rooms.