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The Face of Evil

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To hunt down the most heartless of killers, investigators must carefully gather clues to build an accurate profile, and there's always traces of the fiend somewhere left behind.

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When a young woman is found shot to death near an Alaskan village, detectives rely on forensic science to catch her murderer; then an eyewitness comes forward with an explosive revelation that threatens to tear apart the small town.
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In Flint, Mich., an 80-year-old woman is murdered while running errands; investigators tie her case to an unsolved drive-by shooting and must use science and skillful interrogation to catch a remorseless killer.
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When a New Jersey mother is raped and murdered, her sadistic killer leaves no trace of his identity behind; months later, a violent attack in another state gives detectives the evidence they need to put her killer away for good.
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When a little girl disappears from a small Washington town over a Fourth of July weekend, detectives look at suspects close to home; then her body is found two weeks later, and a tip leads investigators to a trusted friend with a terrifying past.
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In the late 1980s, an elusive serial killer stalks the streets of South Central Los Angeles, raping, murdering and discarding his victims; two decades later, clever police work and new technology put an end to The Grim Sleeper's reign of terror.
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The 1994 torture and murder of a married mother of three shakes the heartland community of Newton, Kan., to its core; when a woman goes missing in nearby Wichita, police learn that the cases might be linked by the same sadistic killer.

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From the moment a homicide is reported, a file is assembled to document every facet of the investigation -- crime scene photos, notes and observations, forensic reports, witness interviews, suspect profiles -- and continues to grow with new information until an arrest is made and conviction attained. Investigation Discovery opens these "murder books" to tell haunting tales buried within the pages. Hourlong episodes take viewers back in time with details of decades-old cold cases using actual archival footage, crime-scene evidence and first-person interviews with lead investigators, unraveling the mystery and uncovering what broke the cases open.