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The Contender

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Pro fighters compete to become the next boxing superstar.

Latest episodes

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After their arduous journeys, the top two fighters go head-to-head in a battle for the $250,000 prize and the ultimate title of "The Contender"; from the Forum in Los Angeles.
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The final four contenders face off in the semifinals; two season-long rivals battle, while another match involves two fighters who have built a brotherly bond; in the end, only two will move on to the finals.
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Friends become foes in the last two quarterfinal bouts; with the semifinals just around the corner, one fighter tries to refocus, while another is hungry for redemption.
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One fighter faces a doctor's evaluation to decide whether he can continue in the tournament; another fighter nearly gets into a fight with a fellow boxer inside the house; two Contenders face off against each other.
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It's every fighter for himself in the second round of The Contender Tournament as former teammates must prepare to battle; a special guest drops by the gym.
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A former Olympian, a world record holder, a boxer who hasn't fought in three years and one of the older boxers in the house all fight for the last two slots of round two; with so much on the line, they're all going for a knockout.
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One team is livid after being stripped of a victory, and the three remaining fighters are out for blood; after feuding since day one, a heated rivalry between two fighters is settled in The Contender ring.
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Tension between the teams rises as one fighter continues his antics, keeping the opposing team on edge; one fighter gets to spend time with his family; two hometown rivals step into the ring to face off.
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One team continues to reign while the other remains discouraged; observant behavior initiates a guessing game of who will be called out next, frustrating members of the losing team, who are waiting for their chance to prove themselves.
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The winning team is riding high from their victory and is hungry for another; one fighter plays mind games with the other team, while another focuses on his faith to maintain peace while in the Contender house.
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A passionate fighter steps up and is gunning for a major threat from the opposing side; another fighter is determined to stir up trouble as tension between the teams escalates.
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Sixteen boxers move into a training facility to compete in the Contender tournament; two fighters have a verbal altercation outside the ring; the two teams choose fighters to represent them in the first fight of the tournament.

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