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The Bush Years: Family, Duty, Power

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An exploration of the Bush family's internal dynamics, including the influential matriarchs, sibling ambitions and competitive spirit that drove them to power.

Latest episodes

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President George W. Bush strives to secure the second term his father never won; the war in Iraq defines his presidency and casts a long shadow on the Bush family.
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George W. and Jeb are determined to make it to the governor's mansion; Laura Bush fears the consequences of having a second president in the family; President Bush faces his greatest test as America is under attack.
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The Bushes have finally made it to the White House, but having a father as a president hits Neil Bush hard when scandals strike; George H.W. triumphs against Saddam; the Bush family suffers a bitter election defeat and the loss of their matriarch.
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George H.W. Bush becomes a loyal vice president to Ronald Reagan, but his wife Barbara falls out with First Lady Nancy; George W. commits to a life of sobriety while becoming the father of twin daughters.
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Blinded by loyalty to his president and ignoring the advice of his family, George H.W. Bush is betrayed by Richard Nixon; the children start to follow in their father's footsteps; young Jeb gets married to Columba; George W. falls in love with Laura.
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George H.W. Bush volunteers to go to war; he is reunited with Barbara and they give birth to their first child, future President George W. Bush; tragedy strikes when they lose their daughter Robin; Prescott Bush heads for the Senate.

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