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The Bush Years: Family, Duty, Power

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An exploration of the Bush family's internal dynamics, including the influential matriarchs, sibling ambitions and competitive spirit that drove them to power.

Latest episodes

aired 464 days ago
President George W. Bush strives to secure the second term his father never won; the war in Iraq defines his presidency and casts a long shadow on the Bush family.
aired 471 days ago
George W. and Jeb are determined to make it to the governor's mansion; Laura Bush fears the consequences of having a second president in the family; President Bush faces his greatest test as America is under attack.
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The Bushes have finally made it to the White House, but having a father as a president hits Neil Bush hard when scandals strike; George H.W. triumphs against Saddam; the Bush family suffers a bitter election defeat and the loss of their matriarch.
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George H.W. Bush becomes a loyal vice president to Ronald Reagan, but his wife Barbara falls out with First Lady Nancy; George W. commits to a life of sobriety while becoming the father of twin daughters.
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Blinded by loyalty to his president and ignoring the advice of his family, George H.W. Bush is betrayed by Richard Nixon; the children start to follow in their father's footsteps; young Jeb gets married to Columba; George W. falls in love with Laura.
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George H.W. Bush volunteers to go to war; he is reunited with Barbara and they give birth to their first child, future President George W. Bush; tragedy strikes when they lose their daughter Robin; Prescott Bush heads for the Senate.

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