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The Boonies

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Visiting areas around the world that are off the grid.

Latest episodes

aired 2 days ago
On the edge of civilization, life is lived by the seasons; as autumn arrives, temperatures grow colder, and those outside the grid begin preparation for the toughest time of year.
aired 2 days ago
Far from the modern world, one must be prepared for the worst, especially when the forces of nature present dire challenges.
aired 2 days ago
Outside the grid, nothing is a given and everything must be earned.
aired 2 days ago
For those choosing to live a life of solitude, there's always work to be done.
aired 2 days ago
Life off the grid provides freedom, but that independence doesn't come easy. Whether it's finding food, stocking the medicine cabinet or battling the elements, life in the Boonies requires a daily dose of sweat and blood.
aired 2 days ago
Those who choose to live outside the grid adapt to a constant barrage of obstacles and must find a means to overcome, or find themselves without the resources to endure.
aired 2 days ago
Even the most solitary people must rely on trusted allies to endure living on the edge of the world.
aired 2 days ago
In today's technology driven world, those looking to get away from society must go where no one else thinks to look; from underground caves in Arkansas to the mountaintops of Idaho, some go to extreme lengths and places, redefining off the grid.
aired 719 days ago
Some people go off the grid to escape the world, but Joe Ray lives below the grid and finds the peace and quiet that he always wanted.